Alternatives to Cable Tv-totally Frustrated

Updated on January 23, 2011
A.G. asks from Boca Raton, FL
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I have officially had it with any cable to TV provider. I just switched back to Comcast and had a technician come to my house yesterday to install service. I was charge a installation fee but when he left, nothing was working and he stole to HDMI cables from my house. I was on hold with comcast for over 2 hours before hanging up. Called the tech on his cell phone and he came back to my house hours later to return the stolen equipment but could not fix any of the problems. I called this morning and fnally got someone on the phone. I explained I was not getting the channels in my upgraded package on two of my televisions and I was then told that I need to pay 20 addtional per month for equipment to access the channels in my package which I was not told about when ordering the service. Really why would I pay extra for service that I cannot access? The only reason I got the upgraded service was because I wanted the channel sprout for my son but will not pay $35 a month between upgraded service and equipment for him to have sprout. That is just crazy. So I want to totally cancel cable. I don't need it. We stream netflix and I am fine with local channels like PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS. How do I get access to these channels for FREE. Do I have any other alternatives to television programming. My zip code is 33428 in Boca Raton. Not quite sure what is going on since the digital conversion. I know they were giving out some sort of box two years ago but we didn't get one.

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answers from Houston on

I cut off all cable 2 years ago (i had comcast too) I bought converter boxes and antennas for all the tvs, then joined netflix. Between the three movies i get every 3 days, and all the "watch instantly", plus the regular free programming, my 18 dollars a month is perfect!

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answers from Norfolk on

and if you have internet i heard one person say they have where you watch tv shows from it streaming from your computer to your tv.

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answers from Houston on

Have you just tried an upgraded antenna? Since the switch to digital broadcasting, I get all the major networks plus multiple channels of PBS, QUBO, ION, CWTV, FOX. I use a regular antenna and get plenty good reception in Houston. I will upgrade one of these days to an amplified antenna...less than$ 50 from Best Buy.



answers from Sacramento on

I got rid of cable all together and have never been happier.

I an LG BluRay player with built in WiFi and Netflix streaming (it has other streaming things as well, including YouTube, Pandora etc. I just don't really use those). So we get movies and shows that way.

My TV has a built in receiver so we get the broadcast channels to watch current shows when I have time... which is never :).

We have not missed cable for one minute! :)




answers from Salt Lake City on

If you have internet, then you definitely have an option.

We use netflix a LOT. Also,, (for shows on those cable network), and or (they're about the same). Check out for Sprout, too, I believe you can access the shows that are on cable. Since these are actually run/posted by the network or producers, they are completely legal. There are a few ads, but much fewer than even on cable.

We don't have tv at all - I won't pay for cable and don't have an antena. The only thing I miss is my local college football games (but even with cable, I didn't get them much). Although I don't get the new much anymore...



answers from Wichita on

many stations will let you watch the shows on their websites, I know usa and syfy do, and some on


answers from Houston on

Same deal for us, we canned cable and just use Netflix and regular tv. We bought a converter box and antenna at Walmart and for like $50. It works great for us and Netflix as you know has more stuff than we can ever get around to watching!!



answers from Springfield on

We have Dish Network and are very happy with it. That being said, we are switching to Direct TV tomorrow for two reasons. Their current offer will mean 1/3 discount on our current bill for 1 year, and they have PBS Sprout. Dish Network does not.

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