AT&T U-verse vs Cable

Updated on January 23, 2011
J.A. asks from Carlsbad, CA
8 answers

Hi Moms
I'm looking for any kind of feedback you might have on AT&T U-verse. We have Time Warner Cable for TV and aren't very impressed, and regular AT&T service for phone & internet. Any info is appreciated!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have my home phone, internet and tv with Comcast. I'm pretty happy with it. Not cheap but so far they have been very helpful when needed, which was rare. I use to have ATT a long time ago and wasn't impressed...also, my friends complain all the time about ATT.

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answers from Denver on

I have been really happy with Dish Network, everything I was looking for I received and have been very happy with both as a consumer and someone who works for Dish. In light of the fact that new customers can receive 3 HD receivers free is awesome, that gives me the ability to have all my HD TV's activated. I decided on a dual DVR which PC Magazine rated Editor's Choice for best DVR. I also travel a lot so I chose to get the Sling Adapter which gives me the ability to have live TV everywhere on my iPad. Since the technological age is now into HD, I wanted to make sure in my research of several companies that I would receive the best HD programming possible. With Dish there are twice as many choices as any TV provider, that makes me very happy when I'm relaxing at home with a visual phenomena to feast my eyes upon. A while after I started subscribing to Dish "HD Free For Life" was released to all customers, so now I am saving $10 a month on my bill. I can honestly say that I have been so pleased with the service overall but especially happy with the customer service I've received from the very start.



answers from Los Angeles on

We love U verse. We had Cox previously and I the were fine, but ATT came along and offered us about $300 in rebates to switch over...I love the recording and playback feature. I guess you can do with many of the cable companies but I know with Cox it cost extra - and right now I am paying just a little less than I was with Cox. So more bang for my buck. If you are unhappy with your cable company I would say switch, I wasn't all that unhappy with Cox and I am so glad we switched. The promotional pricing we go ran out about a month ago and when I called and asked about any deals agent said nothing right now but would give me additional $10 off each month for next 6 months just for being a good customer!



answers from Chicago on

We LOVE U-Verse. We've had it for eight months. The picture is great, and my husband loves that we can record four shows at once. We haven't had trouble with lost signals during storms. The price was cheaper than what we were paying for our dish, too!


answers from Detroit on

my mother has u-verse and she has no complaints. she said the thing she loves that you can record 4 programs at once. we have comcast cable here in detroit and i prefer it over at&t because the it has way more On-Demand features then any other "cable" provider. but i like i said my mom is very satisfied wtih u-verse. good luck



answers from Cleveland on

We switched from Time Warner Cable to AT&T u-verse in February, and despite my reservations, I am so glad that we made the switch. The installation was not a big deal, despite the fact that we have a very old house. No problems with the service, or any interruptions, so far! We had a problem with TWC, and the box resetting constantly. That thing seemed to have a mind of it's own. Is there anything specific that you were wondering about?



answers from Portland on

We have DISH Satellite and love it. We wouldn't go back to cable with all the politics and changing of services that go along with it.



answers from Chicago on

AT&T U-verse is awesome. We had loads of problems with comcast and when U-verse came out we made the switch its been about a year and we love it.

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