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US Prescription Discounts Card? Scam?

V.S. asks from Reading

Okay - I've been researching this for the past half hour and haven't figured out a clear answer. I received something called the United States Prescription Discounts...


UPDATE! (Satellite vs Cable)

N.C. asks from Rockford

First, thank you to all who responded yesterday! It was very very helpful to me in making my decision! (and I do not like change and really drag my feet, so I neede...


Anyone Have Direct TV and Do You like It?

C.C. asks from Chicago

Am thinking about switching from Comcast to Direct TV. We have AT$T for our phone carrier and internet connection and if we bundle everything together including the T...


Discount Tickets to Walt Disney World in Florida

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I know there are a TON of posts regarding Walt Disney World but I'm asking again family of 4 will be going to WDW in October. We'll be in Orlando for 9 da...


Reviews About ATT Wireles & Internet Services?

Y. asks from Chicago

What is you opinion about ATT service..wireles and internet serviceS? Thanks Y.


Tell Me What You Use for Internet Service Without a Land Line

T.G. asks from Rockford

I am looking for other options for our internet service. Even at the bottom tier it is about $60/mo pre-tax. It is cable internet. That just seems too high for wha...


Direct TV or Time Warner Cable

P.A. asks from Dallas

Well ladies help me decide, I have had Direct TV for 10 years now. And every time I turn around it's more expensive. Plus I just get into a rut and don't do anything...


Regular TV

H.O. asks from Dallas

We currently have cable TV, but have decided to turn it off. We plan on getting a conversion box and just doing regular TV. My question is How do you prepare your f...


Direct TV/ At&T

M.M. asks from Dallas

Good morning! God Willing, i will be making a move from Plano TX to Savannah TX mid June. Verizon who i currently have and LOVE are not available in that area yet. S...


I Have a DIRECT TV Question!!!!!

J.K. asks from Kansas City

OK so do you love it or hate it? Is it really a huge bargain over whatever else you cancelled to get it? Was the price you were quoted correct? Were you able to ge...