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Where to Find Sewing Patterns on the Internet?

J.W. asks from Tulsa

Hi ladies, i was woundering if any of you crafty moms out there know any good websites to download sewing paterns from? thank you in advance!


Kirby Vacuum

A.L. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone purchased a Kirby (Sentria is the model we are looking at) vacuum? We had someone come out to do a demonstration (first time...and last time that we will g...


How Much Would You Pay to Have a Dress Made by a Family Member?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My aunt is *amazing* when it comes to making dresses. She made my cousin's gorgeous wedding gown, and offered to make mine... but I had already bought one (she didn't...


Is It Me or Is Online Bill Paying Harder than Writing Checks?

A.J. asks from Williamsport

After years of procrastination and intimidation I finally set up our bills to be paid online-the ones that could be anyway. The first few months were rocky but I f...


Too Much Texting

C.G. asks from Kansas City

My 13 year old 7th grader cant stop texting! He would text 24/7 if he could stay up that long. I dont think it is healthy to be in constant contact with anyone as muc...


Looking for Recommendation for Renting a Bounce House in Carrollton

M.H. asks from Dallas

I have 3 kiddos with Bdays this month. NO it wasn't planned! I was hoping to be able to afford a combined party at Pump it Up but I don't think that's in the budget...


I Will Do anything....but I Wont Do That...

E.B. asks from Seattle

I have been tossing this question around for some time.....After going shopping with my mom and her best friend last night I have to ask.... We are sitting in the ...


Convertible Car Seats

B.B. asks from Madison

i'm a little overwhelmed right now. My daughter is 10 mos old and about 17lbs and 27-28 inches. i've started looking for the next car seat but am so overwhelmed by ...


I Need a New Vacuum!

A.F. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay, I know people have asked about vacuums recently. I've looked at those responses and gather that a lot of you really like the Dysons. I'm aware of them and the...


Should I Feel Guilty?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

i have been married just over 11 yrs, we have 3 sons. my question is should i feel guilty talking to other guys on phone who i met on line ( they know im married, on...