Cutting the Cable Cord

Updated on February 22, 2012
M.N. asks from Jesup, GA
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So we are seriously thinking about getting rid of our cable service (we would still have to keep them for internet) but I am sick and tired of the $150 bill when we don't even have that big of a package.

There is a lot of talk about people who have cut the cable cord and only use internet streaming for their TV entertainment. Can anyone give me any recommendations or insight into your experience?

We are looking at Roku possibly. My main concern is that I still want to be able to get ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC etc and I would like to be able to see the local news. I also want the kid's channels - Nick, Disney, etc., etc.

So, do any of you use any of the internet services for your TV entertainment and what info can you give me abou it.


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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all of your insight. My husband is ready to do it TODAY!! LOL!! My daughter is very hesitant and I am on the fence. LOL

I am thinking that we will be cable free in less than 6 months though.

Thank you for all your responses!!

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answers from Albuquerque on

We haven't had cable for a few years now and don't really miss it. We don't even have netflix. You can still get the local channels, if you don't have an hdtv then you just need a converter box and an hd antenna.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

We don't have cable and haven't for years. If there is something on the regular networks you really want to watch, you can watch most of it online.We have netflix, which also have tv shows and movies to stream or you can get the DVDs. And, my son just bought me an Apple TV for Christmas. I had no idea what it was, but it looks like you can watch whatever you want. Most you have to purchase, but you can purchase what you actually want instead of just getting mostly stuff you don't want. It sincs with my phone, so I can put music on my phone and have it play over the house speakers.

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answers from San Francisco on

I didn't do Roku, but we did Apple TV (Netflix and movie/show rentals thru iTunes), plus I did Hulu+ to watch current shows. We weren't able to get network though, and that's what drove us back to cable, so my husband could watch sports. Even with just Netflix, my kids found things to watch, and they could watch favorite things online too. We also discovered lots of new things we would have never watched before, like Travel Channel and Animal Planet shows. So that was cool.

You should also look into an antenna for network TV. I live in the hills of Northern California, too far from the city to get good signals for anything but PBS so that didn't work for us, but I was ready to mount one. There is a website where you can enter your exact location and it will tell you what kind of antenna you need to get stations (table top, attic, or roof mounted). I can't remember the name but google it.

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answers from Seattle on

We've never had cable. We used a digital converter box for our analog TV until we bought a digital TV. We get all of the local channels that way (though you might need an antenna).

I occasionally watch a show on Hulu or find something on (which IMO has the best shows for little kids).

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answers from Seattle on

We paid $150 for both our cable and internet too for a bit, but then my husband called the cable company and told them it was much too high for us, and said we might have to leave and they quickly lowered our bill to keep us loyal customers. We now only pay $88 for a good cable package and high speed internet.

Pretty good deal, maybe you should try it.

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answers from Lincoln on

I can't wait to cut the cable. I never had it and then I got into a 2 year contract. I'm SO sick of paying for it. I never have time to watch my shows and have to watch them online anyway. I'm going to get Netflix or something after I cut the cable. Same as you the cable doubled my bill from when I just had internet.

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answers from Houston on

I cut the cord years ago and just got Netflix.

We gave a Logitech streaming thing that loses its signal a lot. My advice is to make sure they put a modem near the tv and whatever system you choose.

With what we get in the mail and regular tv I just don't have time to see everything, so I spend about 18 a month and I'm happy with that.

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answers from Dallas on

I cut cable about five years ago. My son doesn't really care. We were never that big on staring at the tv anyway, we would rather be out and about doing something. Occasionally we will rent a movie to watch, but that doesn't happen very often. I don't see a need for TV entertainment.

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answers from Madison on

we cut cable a year ago...funny thing though is in order to get a low price we had to keep basic cable. So we have like 9 channels, which saved us over $40...ya it would have been $40 more to have just internet and I watch everything online now mostly. I do have to say I miss having cartoons for the afternoon time. Although my kids hardly ever watch t.v. on weeks when we are would be nice to

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answers from Chicago on

We cut cable and house PHONE in 07. We have internet and a rabbit powe antenna that was forty dollars.we pick.up cbs abc pbs Fox me me tooand a few others. We stream internet and occasionally rent redbox. We pay 32.00 for internet. You can also call your.current provider and tell them the highest amount you will pay is 90. And that you will drop and go antenna if you can not get your Bill down. Also call Other providers and check on their deals First so you can say so and so is willing to give me this deal what can you do.

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answers from Provo on

We don't do cable...but I don't do a whole lot of internet streaming either. I have found that if we go without it for just a little doesn't take long to really not miss it. I do occasionally do for the kids. It wasn't an option when we lived out in the middle of nowhere for 6 months...and we found we had so much time to do other things...we just didn't want to get back into the tv habit. I do hulu occasionally if there's an episode of something I really want to watch...and we get a lot of news off, etc. Good luck :)

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answers from Columbus on

I cut the cable cord months ago and bought a cable converter box for my older t.v. and antenna... for my HD tv just an antenna... I get ABC, CBS, NBC, local stations, FOX and CW network.. My son is not able to watch Disney, etc unless we visit others so I rent him some of the same cartoons at the library and that way he can still have some cartoon time. But i also found without the distraction of so many channels or t.v. my son's behavior improved and we are finding other things to do


answers from La Crosse on

If you cut your cable cord your still paying for the package you have.

I would suggest that you down size to the very basic channel. For us that is just the network channels... sounds like what your looking for. But they don't have any cartoon channels, but PBS has them in the mornings and afternoons.

We pay $120 a month for our phone ( that includes 1,000 long distant minutes), extended basic ( pretty much eveything but movie channels) and internet.

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