Cable Tv, Bundled Package.. Who Do You Like?

Updated on September 28, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

We have Comcast (living in South Florida)... I HATE Comcast nowadays... It has changed over to Xfinity and ever since then, it's been NOTHING BUT ISSUES with our DVR box, grrrrr... I'm thinking about switching companies.. Maybe Dish and keeping Comcast for home phone and internet, maybe Uverse for everything, DirectTV etc... Suggestions? Who do you like, who do you hate? How much do you pay for your bundled package?
We are paying 180.00 for all 3. We don't have any movie channels, and one DVR box....
PS They've come out about 4 times, I've called them about 6 times, they've reset our box about 5 times over the phone, and switched our box out twice... They give me money off when I call.. I just want my DVR box to work properly... The tech Saturday said, there's nothing he can do. He said "it's a glitch in the system since switching to Xfinity and I basically have to wait"... When I called comcast today, the girl basically said the same thing..

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answers from Boston on

I am paying less than $180 through Comcast and I have all the movie channels. I was told by a former Comcast employee that if you call them up and tell them you are going to switch companies they will give you the lower rate.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have no clue about bundled packages, but I LOVE DirectTv. I used to have comcast and time warner (I believe both are owned by the same company now), and I didn't like either of them. Check out DirectTv.

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answers from Chicago on

We hate Comcast/Xfinity and Dish Network. We have been Directv customers for 6 years now.

Comcast always goes up on their price. Our bill was ok and then there was this sudden increase and then another increase. None of which were the result of us changing our package.

Dish Network wanted us to have a telephone jack near the DVR for the purpose of ordering pay per view and when we didn't, they wanted us to pay to have one added. We don't order pay per view EVER and when we refused to have the phone jack added, they charged us an additional $5/month for NOT having telephone jack. We felt like if this is what's required for your system to operate, you should install it while you're here installing your service.

Directv required a phone jack and installed it free of charge when they arrived! Now that we don't have a house phone anymore, they can update the DVR via the satellite. The price is consistent from month to month. I never trusted bundle packages, especially AT&T's. Uggg... I remember when I was a kid, we only had to turn on the tv....for free, none of this craziness existed!

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answers from Dallas on

We have Time Warner Cable. We pay about $180 a month for the service. This includes 2 receivers, DVR receiver and the DVR services along with the turbo internet which we need because we run our company from home, and 1 digital phone.

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answers from Richmond on

I hate Comcast too, terrible experiences with them.

I hay about $125 for the Verizon Fios bundle... LOOOOVE FIOS!! They have such awesome tech support, and don't make you wait 4+ days to send a technician out if something's not working properly :)

The $125 includes some movie channels, free HD on the main DVR box, an extra (not HD) box in our bedroom, digital voicemail with the house phone, free long distance, and the internet (we have a desktop and a laptop, so there's wireless internet there too)... GREAT deal, great service, I've never had a problem with them and I'd never recommend anything else.

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answers from Boston on

Usually if you call and complain the lower your cost

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answers from Washington DC on

I hated working with Comcast!
I finally switched to our regular phone provider who has a bundle package. For us in VA that is Verizon. Its so much nicer. I can pick up the phone and there's a dial tone!!

I don't know Uverse. The issue with DISH and even DirectTV is that you will lose signal in bad weather. My neighbor wants DISH but can't get it because our other neighbor's house is blocking the path to the signal.

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answers from Washington DC on

We are changing to Verizon tomorrow. We got sick of Comcast, too, after 8 years of increasingly bad service and increased prices for the same thing. We will lose movie channels we never watch anyway and save $50.

I think they all have their problems, but if you want one provider, ask your neighbors. My SIL went Verizon a couple of years ago and has been very satisfied since. It's funny you mention Xfinity...since they did that things have been worse here, too, and last week I lost access to their email servers from their own webpage! It couldn't even FIND the email server!

Their customer service just says they need to send another tech out...why, when you changed my boxes, supposedly reset something at the hub, and redid my wires? So I need to take time off out of my week, again, for you to tell me I'm stuck? And don't use their live chat. They don't even read the message.

Our friends on Verizon phone also did not lose their phone when we had a blizzard and we did. That was also a consideration for us. What use is a home phone that doesn't work in a potential emergency?

As much as the price, the poor service has just put us over the edge. If we hate FiOS, then maybe by the time we can change Calvalier will offer more than DSL.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I have AT&T Uverse now for telephone, internet & TV with all movie channels ($200). I do not like Uverse though. The remotes NEVER work. The box seems to take too long to recognize when you are trying to change channels, etc. anyway, I had DirectTV in my house before i moved 6 months ago - price was pretty much the same - but TV was so much better. I will change back to DirectTV when I am able.
Plus AT&T Uverse tells you they will give you all this money back if you use their service. You have to fight with them, never get the cards. Tell you one price for installation, charge twice as much. And their customer service is NONEXISTENT!

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