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Cable, Phone, Internet

T.G. asks from Kansas City

I have been going through Roadrunner/Time Warner for the cable, phone, & internet so that I have all the services on one bill. I'm having some issues with their speci...


Bundling Cable, Phone, Internet??

A.S. asks from Dallas

For those who have bundled their Cable, phone and internet services, what has been the result. Who has: Better overall pricing?? Better service?? Convenience?? P...


Cable Tv

J.B. asks from Dallas

We have Dish and I believe we are paying too much. If you have cable tv, what are your monthly rates if you are just one step above the basic? We right at $70 for t...


Drop Cable TV?

M.S. asks from Chicago

I am considering dropping our cable TV (comcast). Right now we have a bundle package of internet, home phone and cable. The cable is about $100 of the total bill. ...


Satellite Vs. Cable TV

J.C. asks from Minneapolis

We're looking at switching from Cable TV to Satellite. I've always had cable so I'm a little nervous about switching, but satellite is a lot cheaper. I've read that y...


Internet Through Direct T.V.

B.F. asks from Atlanta

I was wondering if anyone has internet service from Direct tv? I am switching my cable provider to Direct and was thinking about signing up for thier internet service...


Cable vs Satellite Dish - and Internet Providers

N.L. asks from Chicago

We are moving to our new home in a few weeks. Currently we have Comcast cable and internet. Our new home has a dish. I have done some research on Dish Network vs D...


Phone and Internet Service

T.Z. asks from Dallas

My AT&T phone and internet bill seems to be getting progressively higher. It is $124.95 this month for all distance phone service and mid level internet service. The ...


Alternative to Cable ---Netflix + Internet Shows???

J.F. asks from Bloomington

Our cable bill will go up in another month and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the programming we have for far less. We currently pay $106 a month for h...


How Much Do You Spend a Month on Cable for TV?

D.F. asks from New York

We spend $15/ month on basic cable for our TV. My husband insists that 'everyone' pays MEGA bucks for cable a month, and was wondering how much YOU spend?