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Hands-On Building Toys (That Are Not Legos) Recommendations

M.P. asks from Peoria

My 7 y/o son likes to do things with his hands. Though he likes Legos, he prefers toys that allow him to use his own creativity. He plays with his Lincoln Logs and ...


Toy Ideas for a Two Year Old

R.C. asks from Cincinnati

My son will be having his second birthday very soon and I am looking for some gift ideas for him. I'd like to replace some of his old toys with some great toddler to...


Till What Age Would a Boy Play with a Kitchen?

J.W. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies, Until what age will a little boy play with a kitchen set? I fell in love with a gorgeous (and expensive) children's kitchen set and am undecided about ...


What Is the Best Kind of Dollhouse for a Soon-to-be 4 Year Old?

D.P. asks from Atlanta

I'm hoping to get recommendations for dollhouses for my soon-to-be 4 year old daughter. In general, there seems to be 2 different types, those made for Barbie doll s...


Thomas Trackmaster vs GeoTrax

S.L. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a little boy who loves trains, he plays with them all the time with my nephew. My nephew has the thomas trackmaster set and i like it, but we are with her alo...


3 Years Old and Not Listening

A.C. asks from Dallas

I am really struggling here. This past year has been very stressful for my family, especially for my daughter. My mother in law had brain surgery and then a stroke, a...


Need Suggestions for Gifts for One Year Old Twins

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

My twin girls are turning one soon. We are having a big party at the house. Many people are asking what would be a good gift to get the girls. I need suggestions on s...


Toys for a One Year Old

B.C. asks from New York

First time mom here needs some help on ideas for appropriate toys for a 1 year old! Wondering what your child's favorite toy was at age 1. We try to stay towards nat...


Chore Charts for 5 to 8 Yr Olds

A.K. asks from Dallas

I have been looking at getting a chore chart and was curious what chores everyone has on theres. Do you have a chatty on the wall or have daily sheets? Any suggestio...


Car Trip with Just 1 Year Old

S.E. asks from Cleveland

I am taking a 4 hour car trip with my two boys, ages almost 4 and just turned 1. The big boy is easy. He colors and has a little computer and can keep happy just fi...