8 Year Birthday Party

Updated on January 08, 2009
S.B. asks from Seminole, FL
6 answers

My daughter is turning 8 and i am having a party for her at the the park and i was wondering what kind iof games i can do for her. Any ideas would be great.

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answers from Sarasota on

I've gotten lots of great ideas from BirthdayPartyIdeas.com. Especially if you have a theme - there will be many ideas from other Moms who have done those parties. It takes a while to read through them but a very useful site.



answers from Lakeland on

Hi S.,

Water balloons are always fun (as long as it's not too cold outside...lol). What I did was a water balloon race. The kids put the balloon between there legs and try to run to the finish line first without dropping it, if they do they had to start from the beginning (it's funny watching them do this). What I also did with the water balloons was pairs two kids together and each team has a balloon, then they toss it back and forth as they move further and further away from one another and the last team with their ballon not busted wins. Also what you can do is pin the tail (that's always a favorite as long as you have a place to stick it outside..lol). An egg race (take a plastic spoon and one of those plastic easter eggs and try running with it to the end without dropping it. I hope these ideas help. P.S. if you have lots of water balloons left over the kids can toss it at one another (if their parents let them get wet...ha ha ha) Have a great time!!!!




answers from Tampa on

Crafts are a lot of fun and could be used as the "loot bag". What about a pinita??? They are fun too.



answers from Tampa on

scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun. You can even go out and plant things for them to find ahead of time if you want. My girls always loved to do the scavenger hunts.



answers from Tampa on

Cool!! I hope you all have a great time! Parties at the park are always fun!! At my combo party for my 7 and 10 year old I had games planned and we never got to them!! The kids were having so much fun just playing. We did a Melissa and Doug craft and we had a Pinata. I had waiting "pin the Squarepants on the Spongebob", but we never got to it! You can get the Spongebob party ideas at Nick.com.

At my husband's work picnic we played lots of fun games too. Hot potato. We did it with the kids in 3 groups (there was a lot of kids) then the winners went to one group and won from there. We also did Egg races where you race with an egg on the spoon. BUT eggs are GROSS. The kids always break them and they can attract unwanted animals. So I suggest balancing something else like a small potato or plastic easter eggs filled with something. We also played where you tie a balloon to each child's ankle and the kids try to pop the balloons. Last one with a balloon on their ankle wins.

Have a great time!! And please post what you play and what the kids like most.



answers from Sarasota on

This is a great website, listed below. If you are having a themed party you will see all the advice as to what sort of games to tie into the theme. Even if you aren't having a theme, you know what your daughter is into as far as favorite things, and have a game with that topic. You will see exactly what other parents did - they list all the hints! Tons of game ideas are posted here. The party stores always have cute games you can purchase or you can buy something online at orientaltrading.com, another fun site. Hope that helps!


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