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What to Get a 17 Month Old?

K.E. asks from Kansas City

Good Morning Moms!! I am at a loss at what to get my niece/god daughter for Christmas. Her parents have everything that I have thought of. I was thinking maybe a lear...


Pretend Play Suggestions

E.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Mamas! My son is turning 2 next week. I’ve noticed very recently that he’s starting to engage in some “pretend play.” Most notably he likes to “feed...


Hands-On Building Toys (That Are Not Legos) Recommendations

M.P. asks from Peoria

My 7 y/o son likes to do things with his hands. Though he likes Legos, he prefers toys that allow him to use his own creativity. He plays with his Lincoln Logs and ...


Creative Ways for a 4 Year Old "Horse" Theme Party

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi to everyone. My DD's birthday party is coming up and she's really into horses. For some reason I've saved some large boxes and the packing material (mostly paper ...


Would This Be Weird

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

I am pregnant with a girl whom I was planning on naming Madelynn but now I kind of like the name like the name Nora, but the thing is my son's name is Nicholas. Nick ...


18 Mo Christmas. Has Everything

J.S. asks from Monroe

I'm really at a loss. My LOs second Christmas is this year. He will be 18 months old. Idk what to get him! He has lots of trucks, books, stuffed animals, blocks, my p...


1St Birthday Gift

J.J. asks from Altoona

Hello! I am in need of some affordable birthday gift ideas for our nephew who will soon be 1. He has twin sisters that recently turned 3 & they have pretty much every...


Please Share Your Child's FAVORITE Toy That Keeps Them Very Content and Occupied

J.K. asks from Chicago

unassissted or even movie. Please share what the toy is and how old your child is. Everything we have is getting old. I am composing wish lists for their birthdays an...


Chores for a 5 Year Old

C.A. asks from Milwaukee

I want to teach my son that you need to earn some things that you get. What kind of chores have you guys given to your 5 year old to do and how much $ did you give t...


Is My Three-Year-Old's Behavior Normal?

M.D. asks from San Francisco

So, I'll preface this my saying that he's my first child, so I'm not sure if what I'm dealing with is normal or not. MY son is 3 years and 8 months old. Everything ...