Ordering Online Clothes for 8 Year Old Boy

Updated on October 26, 2012
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
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I need some suggestions for good places to order clothes for our son. I usually shop Old Navy and Children's Place for them, but I need some new online ordering ideas. Where do you shop for your similarly aged boys?

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answers from Dallas on

My 8 year old son really likes the clothes he gets from Lands End. The t-shirts, especially, since they're soft and never irritating. I like that they hold up well and don't fade.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Lands' End would be worth your checking out.

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answers from New York on

Can you go to the stores? Gap is great because now they have 40% off sale and clearance. I got my son t-shirts for 2.50. At that age, most kids have preferences on what they want to wear and could beneift from trying things on. Lands End is great but a little pricey. Also, it depends on your son's build. Generally Gap and Old Navy fit slimmer and Gymoboree fits more loose. I don't really like Children's place since their clothes seem to be lesser quality.

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answers from Chicago on

target.com (free shipping and 5% discount if you have their credit card), kohls.com, gap.com, and landsend.com are some of my usual places to order online.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Lands end.. I get a lot of stuff there... I also like getting there catalogs went there stuff gies on clearance u can't get a lot for a gr8 bargain!! And tgere cloths are Sooo cute!!

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answers from Boston on

I shop Kohls, JcPenney, Sears, Target, Walmart, Macy's, and Gap..

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answers from Spokane on


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answers from Las Vegas on

I used to shop at CWDKIDS.COM .. they are more pricey than the above mentioned stores, However, it was one of the few places I could find Mullberry Corduroy pants (at the time with an elastic waist) they come in all colors and sizes.. Haven't ordered any in the last couple of years, but when I did, they were made really well and definitely worth the money..
Also, their ALL cotton pajamas. Again, pricier than other places, but nowadays, it's hard to find ALL cotton made anything... plus, the pj s came in colorful patterns.. again, worth the money..

good luck


answers from Boston on

I do a lot at Old Navy and Target. I also like Kohls.
Check out www.shopwithcoli.com. Register to be a preferred customer and you will earn cash back on all your purchases. Up to 50%. Go to the stores tab and you will find all the stores listed alphabetically. Best of all when you see the store click on all deals and it will tell you all the sale items plus all the coupon codes that store has. There is a little guy called shopbuddy that you can download too that will search the internet for all the best deals for you. He's really cool.
But you may find some other stores on there that you didn't think of.

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