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Updated on January 30, 2012
K.H. asks from Spring Hill, KS
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Hey Moms! For those of you who have boys in uniform pants I was wondering which brand you've come to rely on. More specifically, which brand can stand up to a 6 year old!! I've just gone through two pairs of Lands End uniform pants in less than 3 months. Both ripped out at the "reinforced knee". So before I go through ordering more pants (we currently have one pair of Target pants that have suprisingly held up) I just thought I'd get your opinion. I would order more from Target but the description they have now says nothing about a reinforced knee and there were some poor reviews as well. I know boys are tough on their clothes but I'm really hoping someone out there has had better luck than me! Can't wait for spring so I can put him back in his shorts :)

Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Anchorage on

You can often get good deals at for uniform pants, and since they are reasonable, even if they wear out faster, you could buy 3 pairs for what you would buy for one pair at Lands End.

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answers from Dallas on

My older son wears Dickies, so I am not sure how small they go...but they seem impossible to tear and impossible to stain!

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answers from Dallas on

try dickies. A tad more expensive, but worth it for the durability!

Dickies or Williamson-Dickies. Not sure the correct name. You should be able to order them online.



answers from Chicago on

I was just wondering this myself. My son has actually been wearing the Cherokee brand from Target, which have been holding up quite well, but he has outgrown the size he is in and the next size is way too big. Ugh!



answers from St. Louis on

Buy your pants from Sears and join their kids club and make sure you tell them to mark your purchase as part of the kids club. Then, if you get holes in the pants, shoes, shirt or what ever you just bring it back and they will exchange it for a brand new one. It has to be the same size as the one you are exchanging. So it doesn't work if you just outgrow them. This is a great benefit and we have utilized it frequently. Now that my son is older, he doesn't wear through his pants as much.



answers from St. Louis on

I used French Toast & they didn't do too bad. My youngest was the hardest on them & I started getting the ones from
They held up better than most & he liked the fit. I tried Dickies, but my kids didn't like them. They are very durable though. Good luck as I know the feeling!



answers from San Francisco on

We usually get the ones from Target - they seem to hold up pretty well. Also, I NEVER put the pants in the dryer - they shrink too much and by not putting them in the dryer, they stay new looking for a looooong time.

My problem is that after xmas I can't find a pair of uniform pants or shirts for girls. They have the boys, but not girls. So, if I have to get new uniforms after xmas, I usually have to get boys. I don't really think it makes that much difference, but I just don't understand why they have them for the boys. but not girls.



answers from Kansas City on

Have you tried Sear's Toughskins? My son doesn't wear a uniform, but we buy the Toughskins jeans. Any of the Old Navy type jeans will have holes in the knees in no time, our Toughskins have held up for several months now. I looked and they do have uniform pants. Here's a link....

Free ship to store too!



answers from Kansas City on

The best thing, in my opinion, is to get any type of uniform pant WITHOUT a reinforced knee and head to a craft store and get the iron in bondex 5x7 inch sheet and iron it into the knee area. My son blew out all his pant knees in kindergarten, and after using this technique, we have been fine for years. I hop this works for you. Please note, however, your kiddo might walk like a robot the first time our two they wear the pants with the iron ins until they loosen up! A small price to pay ;)

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