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Winter Coats

M.L. asks from Cleveland

I'm just procrastinating on another project so I thought I would throw this out there...nothing earth shattering...just wondering what kind of winter coats do people ...


Modest Swimsuits for Teens

L.O. asks from Chicago

My 13 year old daughter has been fine wearing classic Speedo one-piece suits through elementary school and would like to move on - but she's not comfortable in a biki...


Ideas on Where to Shop for Tween

M.G. asks from Portland

Hi everyone I have a very tiny (tall but small/slight) tween daughter. I'm looking for places where we can shop for her that are not too kiddish but also not t...


Larger Size Tween Girl

L.H. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone. I have a 9 year old daughter who is a little overwieght for her age. She is tall for her age and has a large frame. She constantly gets upset over her we...


Clothing for Heavy Child

C.F. asks from Tampa

I saw B.G.s question and I have a similar problem that someone may be able to help me with. My daughter is 8 and she weighs 95 pounds. She is short and has a very l...


Quality Backpack

J.S. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a higher quality backpack to purchase for my 15 year old son to use. Every one we have bought in the past only lasts 6-12 months. What are the best...


I Can't Find Clothes!

B.B. asks from Dallas

I need some help, mamas! I have such a hard time finding clothes, that fit. Currently, I have to shop in juniors sizes, but I find them so juvenile and don't actually...



D.H. asks from Canton

Where is your favorite store to get your kids clothes? I'm having a terrible time finding age appropriate, quality items for my daughter. Do they really need sassy s...


Shopping for Winter Jackets for Kids.

M.V. asks from Boston

I want to know the best place to shop for winter jackets for my kids aged 15 and 11 yrs old. If you shop online then please tell me the best place with good deals.