Really Need Clothes for Big 7 Year Old.

Updated on March 11, 2015
N.M. asks from New York, NY
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My 7 year old is very overweight (4"2 and 106lbs) I can't get any clothes for him anywhere, there's just nothing that fits him. All of his tops are too small and, tight and wont fit over his stomach and none of his pants will fasten up or fit round his waist. Anyone got any ideas or advice ?

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answers from Detroit on

You are going to have to buy clothes that fit in one directin and have them altered to fit in the other direction... so buy pants that fit his waist.. even if it is a boys size 14... and have a tailor hem them. buy tee shirts (nice ones suitable for school) that fit around his belly and then have a tailor cut off the bottom so it is not like a dress..

soon it will be summer and shorts can be bought for any size waist,.....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Can you look for elastic or adjustable waists?
Joggers are big right now.
As for shirts--have you tried a men's small or medium?

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answers from Sacramento on

Lands' End carries boy clothes in husky sizes.

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answers from Washington DC on

You may need to go to young men's and get things tailored, but I hope you are also working on his weight so that tailoring will no longer be needed.

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answers from Rochester on

Have you moved out of the children's section and into men's?

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answers from Portland on

I would go with Husky sizes (Lands End, GAP, etc.) - they are cut looser everywhere, so would be better suited for his build.

I have a son who has always had a thick middle - and short legs. It's just his build. But it made buying pants a pain. What we did when he was little was stick to elastic waist athletic pants (cool ones) and I would get the waist to fit, and then hem the bottoms. I tended to go more towards tapered styles so that by the time I cut off the excess length, the cuff wasn't too wide. I hope that makes sense. You just don't want super wide ones because if you cut too much off the bottom, the leg opening at the cuff will look too loose.

Stretchy material (some of the athletic mesh type pants) worked well.

Tops, I would stick to short sleeve, and go bigger. You can cut and hem the bottoms of tee shirts. If you got long sleeve, you'll find if you go up the arms will be too long.

Good luck :) Lands End has some nice clothes

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answers from Lakeland on

Land's End carries plus sizes for kids, but you may need adult sizes and have them altered.

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answers from New York on

My son was also very overweight as a little guy (now 4'11.5" and 148lbs., but he's been over 130 since he was about 4'4"). Sears has their own brand of elastic waist pants that come in Husky sizes that fit perfectly and that he loves because they are elastic waists. Super-roomy through the thighs and seat, and they are available in store. They will be long, but you can cuff them while he grows or hem them. Track/athletic pants (which never come in husky) can also be good if you go up a size or two -- but you have to deal with the extra length, which can be excessive, but varies widely from brand to brand. [We just bought some XXL's that are exactly the right length and some that think he should be over 6 feet tall.] For shirts, we've done well either going up sizes in t-shirts or ordering Husky sizes from Old Navy (or other companies) for long sleeves and more fitted styles (Old Navy has definitely been the best for Husky shirts).

There is less choice in Husky sizes, and you almost always have to order them online (except for the pants at Sears!) but they fit so much better. If you're in doubt about what size, get a tape measure and take his measurements and match them up to the size chart on the company's website. [Ignore the inseam - it will always be too long and you will have to cuff or hem.] Sears and Old Navy, and several of the others, let you order online and return to the store, so it's a little easier. Sears sells Land's End, so you can return Land's End to Sears, but we haven't had good luck with Land's End's Husky fit with my son.

Good luck, it's definitely a process trying to find clothes that fit. Once we found those pants at Sears we've been buying them in every color each time he goes up a size. I don't know what we would have done if they stopped making them! My son is now 13 and about to outgrow the kids section (he's an 18-20 in pants and already in men's shirts), so now I have to learn to navigate the men's section...



answers from Amarillo on

I made my son's pants. It was easier to make them to fit and not cut off half the pant length.

This might be another option for you. Find someone who is willing to make them for you.

Good luck to you.

the other S.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I understand what you're saying that others may not have seen.

An adult size is longer in the crotch seam along with being longer in the legs.

So altering a pair of adult pants means not only cutting the legs off but ALSO TAKING THE WAIST OFF AND CUTTING IT LOWER.

I have 2 little friends who struggle with this too. Luckily they are girls and can buy larger size dresses and cut them off. They can also buy knit pants and capris in the larger sizes and fold the waist over without pain.

Here's what I'd do.

In winter I'd buy a bunch of husky sweat pants that fit a little big around the waist, they do shrink some, and then I'd cut them off straight across on the bottom and hem them. He can wear them like jeans but have a drawstring for security and elastic for comfort, plus they stretch.

Then I'd buy a bunch of boys tops in the next larger size and fold the sleeves back or just buy short sleeves.

In summer I'd cut all those sweat pants off that are now probably too short. He can run around in them and play and wear them out the rest of the way.

I feel your pain. When a 6 year old little girl can't wear little girl clothes at all and has to go to the ladies department to get sweat pants and even then when she pulls them on her hiney crack shows...that's sad. But this little girl ate super "healthy". Her mom fixed salads and grilled their meats to reduce fat, they ate light things year round. This girl hit puberty and shot up and now looks like a normal kid.

The other little girl has growth spurts where she gets so large around she can't fit any of her clothes then one morning she wakes up and everything is too short and falling off her. She nearly has to have 2 wardrobes for each season.

Many stores like Sears and Penney and Target have plus size clothes for the kids. You didn't say if those clothes even come close but lets hope you can find some solutions in all these comments.

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