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Updated on November 17, 2014
K.S. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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DD is growing out of the Gymboree brand, my go-to store when I need basics. Where do I shop next? Justice seems a bit "mature" for an 8-year-old, and it seems I can't depend on Target or Kohl's like I thought I should be able. The Gap's t-shirts are incredibly thin. Land's End is pretty good in many cases. Where do you shop for the not-quite-pre-teen set?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice about Crazy 8. I look forward to getting the items I've just ordered.

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answers from Las Vegas on

It gets really interesting. My 9 year old fits some Ladies Small and even some Mediums. She also fits some girls 16's and XL.

Today, we tried to find a pair of sweat pants and the ladies pants were too long, the girls XL was too long and the girls L were too snug.

There are still plenty of shops for you to go to.

Old Navy
Justice has some plain and some wild clothes.

You may also try a sporting store if you are looking for T's to play in.

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answers from Chicago on

Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree and my girls prefer Crazy 8. We also shop at H&M and Old Navy. We never shop Justice, I don't like that store & my girls have never asked to go there.

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answers from San Diego on

My 8year old and her friends all LOVE Justice. So, all her clothes come from Justice and Old Navy.

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answers from Chicago on

Good, I was going to recommend Crazy 8. The quality is great and the prices are really good. I like to go there when they put stuff on clearance and buy the next size up.

Try to avoid Justice for as long as you can. The stuff is cheap, cheap, cheap! My dd wanted to start shopping there in 3rd grade. The only good quality item I ever bought there was jeans. They do wash up and hold up really well. They're also the only brand of jeans that fit my daughter's curvy shape. The sweaters and shirts shrink like nobody's business. If you do buy them, get them a size larger than you normally would.

At 8, I was still able to buy a lot of things from Kohl's. Once she outgrew the kids sizes, and needed juniors, we went elsewhere. The juniors department there is very "mature".

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answers from Washington DC on

Well, it seems that your version of a good clothing store and mine might be different. You might try Hanna Anderson.

I buy a lot of my DD's clothes at H&M, Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, The Children's Place and other similar stores. I like H&M because even if it's thinner, I can often find good deals and clothing with either something cute or no logo at all. I also like to shop online and find clothes through Zulilly or

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 7 year old... we went to Justice for her HALLOWEEN COSTUME.

I do Target, Old Navy, and some Kohls. Of the three, I find that Kohl's holds up just a tiny bit better for the 2nd kid. Not that much though. If you are not trying to get two rounds of wear out of the clothes that doesn't matter.

I like Carters too.. and I think they now go up to size 12, at least on their website.

Will try Crazy 8's! Thanks for asking this question.

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answers from Lakeland on

I like lands end. Their stuff lasts awhile too.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I did most of my shopping at The Children's Place at that age.



answers from New York on

I always did Children's Place, Old Navy and Target.

My now 12-yr-old liked Justice for maybe a year, but they can't seem to make anything without sparkles on it, so she hasn't gone near it for a couple years now.


answers from Santa Fe on

My son is 10 and we tend to get him clothes at Lands End, Target, Kohl's (he likes the Tony Hawk line), Children's Place, Old Navy, REI, and Carters also has some nice things for big kids.


answers from Washington DC on

My daughter is 11 and likes Target, Old Navy, and Kohl's, but her favorite is Justice. My 5 year old niece also likes Justice. My boys (7 and 9) like Brother's...the boy version of Justice.



answers from New York on

When my kids were that age, I shopped at JC Penney and Kohls a lot (but they are 15 and 19 now, there may be other, better stores)

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