Has Anyone Tried the Nutrisystem Diet?

Updated on January 18, 2006
N.B. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

If so, were you successful? How was the food?

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answers from Dallas on

It's a good deal money-wise and easy to do with the food already prepared. However, it didn't work for me and I followed it pretty carefully. I think even though it was "good carbs" it was too many carbs for me. I didn't gain weight, but didn't really lose any either and I was working out with a trainer at the time. I was on it about 3 months.

Food is decent, but not great. On a taste scale of 1-5 I'd give the food a 3.

My mother went on it and lost weight. My sister tried, but didn't like the food at all.

I really think the results depend on each individual person.

Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

Yes, I've tried the NutriSystem diet and it worked for 2 months. I lost about 20 lbs. But I gained it back because I was so happy to eat "regular" food again when I went off Nutrisystem. Eating the same foods kinda gets boring for me. Although they have a wide assortment on their menu -- you learn quickly which ones you really like and you only want to eat those over and over again. I couldn't stand eating "meat" that didn't need to be frozen. They shipped a huge container once a month and some of the items included hotdogs, veggieburger, chicken patty, beef with rice, chicken with rice -- all of which did NOT need refrigeration. And once I ate those...I couldn't get it out of my mind that this meat didn't need refrigeration and it made me sick. Plus, that meat felt/tasted rubbery. I've done Jenny Craig and some of that food DOES require refrigeration and tastes better...but it is more expensive than Nutrisystem.

I'd recommend Nutrisystem if you only had to lose 20 lbs or less. If you want a more long term diet plan...you might want another program.
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

NutriSystem started way before Jenny Craig and it's exactly the same. Who knows, they probably even get their food prepared and packaged at the same place.

I did NutriSystem several years ago and I was very successful. It was easy because I was single with no children. I tried it again after my 1st child was born and wasn't quite as successful. It was a lot more difficult having to eat only their food and prepare a different meal for my family. It was also more costly because I had to buy the NutriSystem food in addition to the food I prepared for my family.

The food wasn't as good as Stouffers, but it was comparible to Lean Cuisine or one of the other low calorie/low fat frozen meals. There were some that I flat didn't like, so I found myself purchasing the same menu every week. Of course, this was several years ago and they probably have a much larger variety now, especially with the competition from Jenny Craig. With NutriSystem I went from a size 12 back down to a size 6 and I was able to keep it off for several years until I got married.



answers from Dallas on

Hi Nikki,

Could you please send me a summary?

Thank you

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