Updated on October 05, 2008
K.K. asks from Marshall, IL
16 answers

Have any of you tried NutriSystem? What did you like/dislike?

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answers from Lafayette on

I am also a 50+ Grandma of my first granchild. Lucy is 6 months old, and I am struggling with being a distant Grandma. She is in FL and we are in IN. I am on Weight Watchers and have lost 20lbs. and found it to be very easy. Have not tried NutriSystems.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I went on Nutri-system for 3 months and lost 12 lbs. and my goal was only 15 lbs. I'm about the pickiest eater I know and I could eat about 75% of their foods. The food is good and I never felt hungry. You will need to buy things like eggs, fruit and some veggies still but not much more than that. I would recommend picking your own meals if their are certain foods you don't like.




answers from Fort Wayne on

I haven't done NutriSystem, but my MIL and FIL are both doing it. My MIL started less than a year ago, and within a few months lost about 30 lbs. My FIL then started it, seeing her results. He lost 30 lbs. even faster (men suck!! :) ). They took the summer off, but I think they just restarted it. I know before the break, my MIL had lost at least 40 lbs.

I saw a previous poster warning against this diet if you have health issues. Both my MIL and FIL have lots of health issues. My MIL's blood pressure dropped to the point of having to reduce medications, and several other misc. medical conditions have significantly improved (liver function, for example). She was one to carry a LOT of water weight, so her results may not be typical, but it really worked for her. She also has asthma, and hasn't had any unusual trouble since starting the diet. She told her doctor about how she lost the weight, and he had no concerns - especially since it was working. And, she was a nurse for about 30 years, so she paid attention to the ingredients, etc. I think she was skeptical at first, but it worked! My FIL has Crohn's disease, and he hasn't had any trouble with the diet, either. My MIL told me the founders of the diet are medical doctors.

They did say it takes time to get used to smaller portions of food, and most of it they like. The free week of food they send is food they (NutriSystem) choose, though. They gave some of it to me because they wouldn't eat it (Split Pea Soup, Black Bean Soup, their own brand of cookies, etc.). Those things were o.k., but not great. The cookies weren't worth the calories. The chocolate snack bars are really good, though. :)

If I could afford it, I would try it. But since I can't I have to lose weight the old-fashioned way. :)



answers from Columbus on

I have never tried it. But Big Lots is selling it. They are the only retailer to have gotten the approval to sell. Nutrisystem is in the process of changing their selection, so Big Lots got the advantage to buy the remainder. It's have price and you can buy one piece at a time. It will only be available for a limited time.



answers from Lafayette on

I have not used the Nutrisystem and do not know anything about it. I personally have used a weight loss system called Slimplicity. It is very good. I saw very good results and know others who have also. From my understanding it is a lot more cost effective compared to many other weight loss plans. I would be happy to share more information if you are interested. You can contact me at [email protected]

God bless,



answers from Columbus on

Hey K. -

I tried it for a few months and had okay results - around 12 lbs in 3 months. The food is ok, not great, but can be doctored up to taste better. I stopped ordering because I wanted fresh food, not just boxed stuff. I still have a good amount of it if you want to try it. Email me at [email protected] and we can talk about price and pick up if you are interested in trying.

Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

I haven't tried NutriSystem, but I have lost almost 40 lbs since February.

I had several chronic health concerns (migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia, other chronic pain), and I went to see an integrative M.D. who focuses primarily on diet and supplements to treat her patients. the diet she prescribed for me (the same on she prescribes for every patient) has worked wonders for me. I haven't had a single migraine since I began eating this healthy diet, I'm never hungry, and I truly love the foods that are permitted. The funny thing is, I thought I could never live without the foods on the "avoid" list, but now I can't even stand the taste of them when I try them. The last time I ate what used to be my favorite foods (had to, pretty much. I was at a party and they didn't offer anything that was 100% on my diet), I felt so bad the following day, I learned my lesson. It really was my diet that was making me sick and the food choices that made it impossible to lose weight ~ even the low calorie choices!

If you're interested in hearing about what I eat and what I avoid, please e-mail me and I'll send you a write-up about it. I feel great, and as I said, I've lost nearly 40 lbs without cravings or feeling deprived.



answers from Cincinnati on

Funny you should ask...I just started NutriSystem yesterday. So far, so good. The food is quite bland, I am ex-military and NutriSystem food vividly reminds me of eating in military galleys. You get to add a fruit, salad, occasional protein and veggie to your meal which helps. The HUGE part of the diet that works is the 64oz of water the diet requires per day and daily exercise. The meals themselves really just make it easier to stay regimented which is what I, personally, needed with my schedule where I tend to skip meals. My husband started it too and that is helping me IMMENSELY. Because, no matter how well you think you're going to do on your own, if you have to eat bland food and make something else for your spouse, you're eventually going to slip up.

Good luck to you, feel free to email me any other questions you have. In a few weeks, I'll be glad to let you know my progress on the military food diet!



answers from Cleveland on

hi I did nutra system for several months and did lose weight however, the food all taste the same and if you look at the ingredients there is alot of stuff in there food that is bad for you and also very gross. I am now doing jenny craig and the food is alot better. its frozen compard to nutra system that is all pakaged so it dosen't have to be refrigerated. hope this helps good luck



answers from Terre Haute on

Hi K.,
Yes I did try it and I am sure that it will work if you can eat that nasty food. That was the worst thing I have ever tried to eat. Well I ended up packing it back in the box that it came in and putting it in the curb for the garbage man. I don't like giving them this bad review but that is the way it was for me. Now like I said, I am sure that it will work if you follow their diet.
Good luck


answers from Columbus on

I tried NutriSystem two years ago and had mediocre results. I lost 3 pounds in one month and then nothing. The biggest problem I had with the program wasn't the taste of the food, it was the fact that they never got my order right. The initial order was spot on, but every order afterward came with 'substitutions' when the products I wanted were on back order. It got to the point after three months of sending food back and not getting what I wanted that I had to modify my orders down to three of the same dinners for a week, only about 2 lunches and forget about the snacks. The cereals for breakfasts were just as good if not less nutritious than basic types from our grocery stores like Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Total but cereals like Kashi are even more nutritious. So I stopped ordering breakfasts by month three. It got to the point that I was buying more grocery store food and my food bills doubled because I was too busy working to notice how ridiculous this whole program was for me.

Also, please note there are very high amounts of sodium and sugary preservatives disguised as very clinical/chemical ingredients (sodium benzoate, glucose or anything ending in 'ose' is a sugar-type preservative fructose, sucralose, etc.) in their products so they can ship and last for weeks/months with no refrigeration. So if you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart conditions, IBS, Krohn's disease, edema, chronic yeast infections, chronic bronchitis or other chronic phlegm conditions you should seriously reconsider this diet as high amounts of salt and sugar no matter how well disguised will further enhance these problems and possibly create other health issues. You may see your waistline shrinking or your scale's numbers decreasing but your insides may be singing a very different song.

Now, I've heard and clearly I've seen success stories from their website, their ads and Tori Spelling tried it after her first baby...but I know those stories/people's results were NOT typical and they make that very clear in their legal fine print.

What's funny is that NutriSystem showed me how self-sufficient a person I am and how much of a better cook I am than they are. So, I've since taught myself portion control and had visits with a licensed and well-educated nutritionist. That was invaluable and actually less stressful on my pocketbook compared to the $400+ I spent every month on NutriSystem. I got my husband to participate with me in the kitchen and now preparing healthy meals and fun desserts is a family ordeal. This wouldn't have happened if I didn't go through what I went through with this diet.

If you try it then 'buyer beware'. But again, it really wasn't for me and I wanted to share my lil learning experience so you can consider those possibilities in your decision-making process.

Good luck!!

PS, my mother, 60 year old new grandma, lost 30 pounds in 6 months to prepare for a surgery by doing water aerobics 4 days a week, walking the dogs every evening and riding her stationary bike on the days she didn't have water aerobics. It's dedication, but it's cheaper than ordering a possible health hazard.

BTW: I tried this when I was 31 years old, working 60+ hour weeks and living in Utah. I did nothing but work, sleep and work out. So my results should have probably been a bit better than 3 pounds in 3 months. When I went off it, I lost more weight (15 pounds in 4 months) by eating more salads and drinking more water/water products.



answers from Evansville on

I started NutriSystem in January. I lost about 20 pounds in four months, but then stalled (but it was MY fault). I’ve recently started back up again and I’m starting to lose slowly. When you stick to the program, it does work. As for the taste, I really enjoy most of the food. Although, that said… I am NOT a picky eater. Like another responded mentioned, most of the entrees can be doctored up to suit your tastes.

I would be wary about the NS foods at Big Lots. I’ve gotten a few because it’s cheaper than NS and also because some of the items were different (and since discontinued). It’s not overly fresh at this point. It was all made (at the latest) last winter, and the expiration dates can be tricky to find. For someone that already is familiar with NS, Big Lots may be an option, but I wouldn’t try their old food and gauge if you’ll like it based on that. What an awful run-on sentence… but I think you get my gist!

NutriSystem also has a really good support system online. I’m pretty sure that you can peruse the forums/threads on their website for free. It might be a good idea for you to read through some of the posts and see what other people say. They have whole forums for people by age group, food concern, etc. They even have a NS recipe forum.

Best of luck to you!



answers from Columbus on

I personally have not tried Nutrisytem, but know several women that have and successfully lost weight. However, my question can foods that store in your cupboard, filled with preservatives (because they require no refrigeration), possibly be healthy and nutritious for you?

I maintain my weight by drinking a low-glycemic, balanced (good fats, good proteins, good carbs), meal replacement shake in the morning and eat low-glycemic foods for the rest of my meals and snacks. Also, I eat 5-6 small meals a day to maintain my blood sugars, I'm fuller longer and have a sustained energy throught the day.

Are you wanting to lose weight?



answers from South Bend on

I have never personally tried nutrisystem,but I know peopole who have and they did not like the taste of the food. I always say, "It never hurts to try something", and if you don't like it you can send it back, and get your money back on it.Of course, you have to pay the shipping charges to send it back.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7, and 4.



answers from Cleveland on

I haven't tried it but if I could I would but can't afford it. One of my sis in laws is on it and she has lost a lot of weight. Tori Spelling also after her first child. It's just portion control.



answers from Columbus on

I have heard good things about Nutri System because their food does taste good but I did hear that it is expensive. I am going to start a new program because I need the structure and discipline to get me started that will motivate me. I am going to be Usana for just five days, it is a cleanse of fiber and protein in the form of shakes, bars and some fruit and vegatables all low glycemic. I will get a fast weight loss which is why you only do it for 5 days, then I will start to add low glycemic meals. I taught weight loss for four years and this is very similar to what I taught. Be careful of diets that want you to lose a lot of weight every week until you reach goal, very bad for your metabolism.

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