Nutrisystem Meal Plan

Updated on April 15, 2009
A.P. asks from Jacksonville, NC
7 answers

I want to try the Nutrisystem Program. Some people love and some hate it. Can anyone out there tell me about their success, the taste of the food, etc.

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answers from Wheeling on

The best weight loss 'system' is always to change your own eating habits to something you can live with indefinitely. I'm 51 and have recently found out (in the last 5 years) that if I eat a GOOD breakfast EARLY, then I'm really HUNGRY again in a very few hours. Then if I eat a 'real' meal at that point and one more meal in the evening, I lose weight. My habit for years has been to not eat anything until afternoon, and that puts my body into 'starvation mode' -- trying to retain any calories it already has in it, and not processing the food speedily. When I keep the food going through, it processes quite quickly, though and I lost weight while actually eating MORE. Try it!

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answers from Raleigh on

I have to agree. I tried Nutrisystem and you have to consider that all your meals will be pre-packaged and not that good. The meals can be stored at room temp. - pretty gross. It is considerably cheaper than Jenny Craig, which will run you $1000 for 10 weeks. (yes, I look into that one too). The bottom line, make healthy homemade meals and watch portions. I dont believe there is any other (easier) way. It just has to come from within. I honestly think these diets wasted your money.

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answers from Memphis on

I agree with Vicki - progams like Weight Watchers helps you change your eating habits to a life style that you can live with forever. My mother is a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers - now 82 years old and has maintained her weight for thiry plus years. Because of her - I went to WW when I was pregnant with my now 31 year old son...became a life time member...and have maintained very well.

We do not count like we did; we eat right most of the time because we learned what right was. And we exercise.

Vicki pointed out a major thing - one time...due to too busy of a season of life, I was hardly eating anything and yet could not loose my "holiday" pounds. A friend pointed out that I was not eating enough...I worked on that and the pounds came off. Skipping meals does not help!

My son works with a company that has a dependable product that speeds up metabolism, curbs hunger, increases energy and a bunch of other things. I used it this time around with my holiday pounds - along with the concentration on eating three healthy choice meals and the pounds really came off in case someone is looking for that kind of help. One of the WW friends in our circle just added it to her WW program and lost like four inches in the first week.

One third whole grain, one third fresh/raw and one third healthy protein. No white flour, sugar - three meals a day - you are on your way to lower weight forever.



answers from Johnson City on

I have friends that have been on the Nutrisystem and the Jenny Craig. It seems like the ones using the Jenny Craig are having an easier time of it. They say that the food on it is better tasting. The couple that are on the Nutrisystem are struggling somewhat. They don't seem to enjoy the food as much. I'm sure that everyone is different. I've actually seen the most results from weight watchers. It really all boils down to will power and determination I think.


answers from Lexington on

My mother and I started to order the Nutrisystem Program via QVC. However, after going to QVC and reading the product reviews by customers, we will never order this system. I can also tell from someone with sensitive sense of taste and enjoys real food, that their food does not taste good overall. It will truly be cheaper and easier to buy healthier food. Seriously, there are probably several little things you can easily do to help with weight loss. I lost over 60lbs last year between March and August (not even trying and losing very rapidly). If interested, you can contact me directly. I'll gladly share some things I did. Nothing hard or expensive. It's more about making gradual healthy changes.



answers from Raleigh on

Wish I could give you some advise on either of these programs but I would suggest you try some support as well as meal plans as you work on getting healthier. There's online and local groups all over. One I belong to is

We meet each week on Thursday nights, but you can get your support online at the site too. We also organize walks or hikes around the Triangle. Good luck.



answers from Lexington on

Hi A.. I used Nutrisystem for 4 months last year. I lost about 38 lbs. I am a very picky eater but I really liked the food. The trick is to order what you want instead of letting Nutrisystem pick for you. The only real downfall is that you will spend about $300 a month but if you think about it, that's only $10 a day and you would easily spend that if you ate one meal out per day.

You will have to have other things to go with the meals; fruit, dairy, veggies and protein items. I am not a huge veggie eater, so to get my vegetables in, I bought the Light V8 fusion (gives you one fruit and one veg. serving per 8 oz). and it's great.

I have tons of the food left over because toward the end of 4 months, I got a little burned out. I will probably sell it on Ebay.

Good luck with Nutrisytem. Ifyou have other questions, send me a message.

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