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Seeking Alternative Medicine Advice

R.S. asks from Allentown

I am 27 years old and have been having medical problems for about 9 years now. I was diagnosed with "possible Lupus"(undifferentiated connective tissue disease) a few...


Will My Mother in Law's Medicaid and Medicare Transfer to Another State? HELP!

N.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there, My Mother in Law needs to be moved down here to texas. Currently she is in Oklahoma and is not getting the care she needs. We live in Texas and we are t...


Seeking Moms Familiar with Fosomax or Other Meds for Osteopenia

S.H. asks from Eugene

If you have any experience with any medications for Osteopenia I would really like to hear what you have to say. I was just diagnosed with Osteopenia thru a DEXA bon...


Migraine Preventative Medication

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, Have you had success with migraine preventative therapy? I have tried Topamax and Vivactil. Both gave me worsened asthma and so I am selectively looking...


Can You Answer Questions About Armour Thyroid Medicine?

B.P. asks from Dallas

My doctor recently did a saliva test to determine if I was menopausal, perimenopausal, or something else. I have had many symptoms so I had the whole work up...blood...


Anyone Know Someone Who Has Lowered Cholesterol with Natural Remedies?

K.V. asks from Columbus

My mom has been diagnosed with high cholesterol. She has been taking a low dose medication which has been effective. She does not, however, want to be on meds for t...


Medical Insurance for Children

C.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any suggestions for medical insurance in Texas for children other than Medicaid? I have a friend that is divorced and husband has lost his job and ca...


Can Someone Plz Recommend Me a OB/GYN That Accepts Medi-Cal Around Cedars Area?

N.B. asks from Los Angeles

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and and am bleeding for 3 days now. Lost my job and it's too late for Cobra now, so I went and got Medi-Cal, last week. But, I'm having a hard ti...


Anxiety and Depression Meds?

M.T. asks from Dallas

What are some good anxiety and depression meds out there? Do they work? Effective? What are your experiences with Depression and Anxiety meds? Are there meds t...


Medical Coding Jobs

P.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, Do any of you do medical coding? How did you become a medical coder? Any information would be greatly appreciated!