Natural Anti-depressant Recommendations

Updated on July 08, 2008
S.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
6 answers

I just took Prozac for 1 day and hated feeling "itchy" all night! Does anyone have rec'd for any natural anti-depressants/remedies?

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi S.
Yes, lots of prayer! PMS is not fun, but it's always good to know what is causing us to feel "yuke!" Ask your doctor about Lexapro, you may tolerate it better. Most women that I have talked to do well with the Lexapro. You should not be itching (see last message I wrote you). I don't know if you exercise, but that is an option. The natural remedies work on some, but not on others. It's a matter of seeing what works best for you. I am sure some of the moms will have some good feedback for you. Be Encouraged!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

You need to take hydroxzine with it, then you wont itch.

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answers from Austin on

Its called 5 HTP. It is a ground up seed. In your body it breaks down in to serretonin and tryptophen. (I know I misspelled both of those, lol) It will make you a little happy and sleepy so take at hight. I gt it at Central market, also talk with their herb sales people, they know their stuff.

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answers from San Antonio on

Dear S.,
Try Sedalia by Boiron, found in any serious health food store. It says it is for stress but it helped me a lot in a period where I needed it. Get out more and do service for others. That is the most natural remedy for depression I can think of other than laughing with a friend. Take your kids to see Wall E the movie. Take time for yourself, at least one hour daily. What is your hobby that brings you joy ? You have to have an array of depression blasters on hand when it tries to creep into your life. Positive affirmations help. Have you heard about Louise Hay's book, Heal Your Body ? For me, serving others and reading positive quotes and living in the present keeps depression away.
Blessings to you , Mama K.

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answers from San Antonio on

This is probably one of the side effects. Tell your dr. what you are experiencing, and see if you can be put on another antidepressant that will be more compatible with your body.

I'm on Mirtazapine, and I have not encountered any problems. Beware, this medication will help you gain weight. I started to lose weight, when I got depressed.

Good Luck.


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answers from Austin on

Exercise, sex, 7-8 hours of sleep! lol! but true

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