Yeast Infection Alternative Meds?

Updated on March 01, 2013
H.G. asks from Mount Joy, PA
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I haven't had a yeast infection in many many years but stupid me - I've taken antibiotics for the past two days and now I'm feeling one coming on. I completely forgot to take acidophilus and just ran out to get some today. Hoping it's not too late and the acidophilus will do the trick, but in case it doesn't I need help.

Last time I had a yeast infection, I used Monistat. It had been probably 10 years since I had used it and when I got it in, I was hit with the most excruciating pain. I came to realize that I had suddenly become sort of allergic to one of the ingredients. I called the company that manufactures it and they said that sometimes happens.

So - is there another medicine that I can use instead of the Monistat? Something over the counter would be great, although I'll take info you may have on prescription meds too if you know of one. Thanks!

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answers from Seattle on

I've treated every yeast infection I've had (only a few) by inserting 2 high quality gel tab acidophilus pills into my vagina 2x daily, wearing loose fitting clothing (and cotton panties), washing my nether regions only with water, and cutting down on sugar.

Good luck!

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answers from Charleston on

Diflucan for Rx. It works well without all the messiness of a cream.

Take your acidophilus and eat lots of yogurt. Cut down on carbs and sugar. Go pantiless if you can and use a hair dryer on cool to dry off your vagina. Keep it dry!

Hope you feel better soon! Yeast infections are the worst. :(

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answers from Portland on

Perhaps there is another OTC med with different ingredients. Read the labels. You may be allergic to just inert ingredients.

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answers from Norfolk on

You can apply plain yogurt directly where it itches and/or you can add 1 cup of it to your bath water.

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answers from Chicago on

I've treated yeast infections using Apple Cider Vinegar (but only Bragg's brand with "the mother" works.) It looks gross with the stuff floating in it, but it's amazing!

You can do one of two things. You can douche with it or make a sitz bath. To douche, I use a cheap plastic 1-use douche container from Walgreens. I dump out the vinegar, rinse it, and then add a tablespoon of ACV and fill the rest with distilled water. It may burn a little bit, but that will be followed by relief! This is what I normally use, and I use it 2 times a day and the yeast infection is usually gone in a day or two.

To make a sitz bath, fill the tub with warm water just a few inches to cover your hoo ha. Add a few cups of ACV and soak yourself.

I've also used acidophillus pills and yogurt. The quickest method is the ACV.

Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

I get this stuff at a health food store that is a Tea tree oil insert. The Tea Tree oil soothes. It is in a suppository shape and I normally only have to use them for two days, once a day each.

You can also use yogurt.

There are Acidophlis(live culture I know I am spelling wrong)capsules from the health food store. Make sure you get the gel shelled so they dissolve faster....Insert whole or break open and put the power directly where it is uncomfortable.

I only use the store stuff if this list fails. My healthfood store was out of my tea tree oil stuff the last time I had one......So plan b and c came in handy.



answers from Portland on

My naturapath used to give me Boric Acid in capsules that she had made. You can find it in the store or pharmacy and just fill up empty capsules from the health food store, and put them in your vagina once or twice a day. It gets messy and gooey, but not like the gentian violet. That dyes everything, and I do mean everything purple!

But, my favorite remedy is the diflucan or fluconazole. Its one little pill and no side effects!



answers from Raleigh on

Pickles or sauerkraut. They have 2-3 times more acidophilus bacteria as yogurt. I have been on antibiotics for two weeks with one more to go. I usually get yeast infection, even eating yogurt. Been eating pickles every day, and so far, I'm clean and clear!
Yogurt is good too, but works better when applied directly to the yeast.
Hope this helps!



answers from Las Vegas on

Take Caprylic Acid Supplements, it kills the yeast from the inside out.. which is where is began.. not the outside... I usually only ever take one on rare occasion two and drink lots and lots of water. You do this because the CA is killing off the yeast and you want to help flush it out of your body..
The supplements are amazing and have worked better than anything I have ever taken. They were first recommended to me by a friend who went away to a alternative spa for a cleanse. One of the things they do is get rid of the over-abundance of yeast growth..
In my case, the supplement starts working right away and only usually within a day or two that I have complete relief.

During this time. I would also lay off yeast producing foods such as sugar, alcohol, white flour, peanut butter (the mold you can't see factor)
fermented foods.... and like I said, drink that water... you might find that you begin to feel a bit tired while detoxing of yeast, that's because the yeast are dying off and leaving their garbage behind.. hence I can't tell you enough,, water water water..

good luck



answers from San Francisco on

Last time I had a yeast infection which was many many years ago as well I bought one of the two major OTC medicines and I had the same reaction. Went and bought the other instead and had no issues with it. I think there is still only 2 major OTC meds so try the other as it has different active ingredients in it.



answers from Wausau on

There are a lot of antifungal cream/insert brands, but most have the same main ingredient. Sometimes that burning pain is not because you're reacting to the medication, but because the yeast has created swelling and fissures on your vaginal lining. It can be so damaged that anything you use will hurt.

One thing that works amazingly well is gentian violet. It is very messy though.



answers from Orlando on

I have an allergy to Monostat too! Anyway, I can't remember the name but there is a prescription - it is ONE pill that you take and it's like slow release for 7 days. You feel relief within 24 hours. I'd go to the Dr.


answers from Los Angeles on

We were battling yeast when my little one was on antibiotics and nursing (same yeast that causes vaginal yeast infections), we were treating her mouth and my breasts. For that we used gentian violet after the most common meds failed to work. It is a synthetic though, so its not an all natural cure. not easy to find either. there are pharmacies that carry it over the counter, but you'd have to do a lot of calling around. I just got mine off the internet and had it over-nighted. For vaginal yeast infection you soak a tampon in the stuff and wear the tampon for a period of time. Google this, I don't remember the details and if they recommend dilution. Its also really messy. I mean really messy stuff.



answers from Portland on

A good friend of mine swears by plain yogurt with active cultures. She says you just "Put your finger in one, and then in the other. Be sure to do them in the right order!"

I've never needed to test her method. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

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