Need Suggestions for a Good Natural/ "Green" Laundry Soap/pre-spotter

Updated on January 18, 2011
B.J. asks from Wildomar, CA
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I've tried REALLY hard to use all natural/ "green" products in the home everything from toothpaste to skin care & food/drink. But for some reason I've just not changed my laundry detergent yet, tho I do use Sun free & clear no dyes/perfumes. I stopped using softener & dryer sheets years ago. Today I read a really interesting article called; Banned toxic chemicals found in 100 percent of pregnant women - & The top ten ways to avoid such dangerous chemicals. It's from natural
I receive their newsletters & read them every day. This one today made me decide yeah it's time for some more change. I have no idea which to choose from tho, there's a million out there! One of my friends used Mrs. Meyers brand for a year but she decided to switch back to Gain because it just wasn't getting the stains out of the kids clothes good. After I shared the article with her she said after she runs out she's going to try seventh generation since she uses all the other products. But I'd like to know some tried & true suggestions first before I just pick one. I have 6 messy little monkeys, I'm on a tight budget, so it can't be too expensive, the same or just a bit higher then the leading store brands would be nice, but I guess I can't exactly put a price on the health & safety of my family. I need a pre-spotter as well, doesn't have to be from the same line if you know of one that works better. Thanks for any help! :)

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answers from Dallas on

We use Mela Power from Melaleuca too and YES they are green and one of the few laundry det. that do not contain NTA-(the suds agent that is a carcinogen) even Dreft contains it. We love that Melaleuca has won the environmental excellence award 5 yrs in a row for no phosphates in their Dishwashing Det and their green practices :)
www.LegitWorkAtHome.Biz for more details on their products and how to earn $100 in free green products with a 60 day money back guarantee :)

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answers from Dover on

We use Mela Power 6 from Melaleuca. We actually converted our home to all their cleaning and personal care products too...safer for my family, home, and the environment.

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answers from New York on

i use melaleuca too, and their pre-spot is amazing

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answers from Boston on

Meleluca isn't actually green or natural their products contain just as much chemicals they just say cleaning ingredients on the label instead of listing them.

I never had a problem with charlie's soap I switched when I started using cloth diapers.

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answers from Allentown on

I absolutely LOVE the Mela products as well as many of the posters below. I actually have never heard someone say before that the laundry detergent doesn't WORK- that was surprising to read. They are one of the first products that everyone raves about- because they use high quality ingredients that actually DO work! All of their products are 100 percent money back guaranteed, so why would someone continue to use something that didn't work...for years???? Perhaps some other issue under lying in that comment, maybe? I used to use Tide but I can say I never looked into my washer and thought WOW, my clothes look really clean! Now I do that with every load! And I no longer have the asthma attacks I used to AND I can use their naturally derived softener!
Green is a very tricky word, and one that many manufacturers exploit. For myself and my family, the evidence is in our improved health, no longer having to rely on medications to breathe, etc. THAT means the world to me! And I LOVE the reasonable prices! Don't take someones word for it- try it for yourself to see! :)

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answers from Dallas on

I love my Mela products.

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answers from Atlanta on

I too use Melaleuca's MelaPower, MelaBrite and MelaSoft. We love it!

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answers from Norfolk on

I have used something called Soap Nuts. It doesn't get the smells out of the clothes so you might have to add something else with it.
It did get them clean!

I have a runner in the family and with his sweaty things I just went back to using regular detergent.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I love Babyganics Stain Remover, which I get from Amazon (2 large containers for about $9) -- works really well and natural. Also, I love Ecover Stain Remover which I get from Whole Foods, which I use for the rest of the family. Then I just use regular laundry detergent that I get from Whole Foods (7th Generation or the store brand). The stains always come out :)

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not allowed to put my website on her but I sell green cleaners and I definitely have a great booster for whitening and removing stains. At first glance "natural" products may look more expensive, but if you take a good look...... you use much much less of it and so it lasts quit a bit longer. So be sure to see how much you use before you discount the product within your budget. If you would like a link to look at the cleaners send me a private message and I will forward to you.


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