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Infant Meds

M.A. asks from Chicago

can I use if crystalized? not that old not sure why this happened.


Can Infant-child Medical Issues Cause Adult Emotional Trauma? - Vent/reassurance

P.G. asks from Dallas

My sis who is 41 has become practically a ward of the state - SSDI, medical stuff, etc. She has cutting behaviors, has injured herself on purpose (minor, but yikes), ...


Cold Medicine Safe While Nursing...

R.. asks from Chattanooga

The '1 week crud' has been making the round in my family, and I am a bit worried that I am next. Everyone who has had it so far seems pretty miserable... even while t...


Looking for Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Dental in the Chicago Area?

M.B. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of any dentist that accepts public assistance type dental cards in the chicago area? The closer to downtown the better.



D.D. asks from Philadelphia

I am trying to find out how to find the biological family of my husband he was adopted as an infant i want the information for medical information and nothing more he...


Decongestant and Milk Supply

S.J. asks from Boston

I seem to have caught my preschooler's cold and took two doses of a decongestant yesterday. The nurse at my OB/GYN said the med I'm taking is safe for nursing--I hav...


Nanny Rates

H.P. asks from Cleveland

I am a first time Nanny looking for advice on how much to charge. I taught preschool and summer camps so I taught children ages 1-12 in a school like setting and I've...


Sick Husband

H.K. asks from Scranton

Hi Moms, My husband has been sick with stomach pain for about 3 weeks. He had the virus around Dec 9 and was told it had to run it's course. Okay he felt better aft...


Chiropractor Request

M.B. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a referral to a good chiropractor. Mine hurt her back and went out of business. I am now having lower back pain again and medications only work for ...


Can You Moms Help Me Out???

J.C. asks from Dallas

i was wondering if any of you moms know of something over the counter that helps with stress? i dont want too go on any meds for a long period of time just looking fo...