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Medications for the Treatment of Lupus

S.L. asks from Lansing

Hello! I tried methotrexate for about a month and I got too many side affects to continue. I threw up the first week, have an upper respiratory infection, horrible ...


The News Media

K.W. asks from Bismarck

In regards to the Republican this point we have four men campaigning for the job. In order of popularity?...Romney, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum, or vice v...


Thyroid Medication

B.S. asks from Philadelphia

So I gained a ton of weight over the course of a year (rapidly and I couldn't seem to lose any) so my doctor tested my thyroid. She decided to put me on a low dose of...


Inheritance and Medicaid

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

This seriously could only happen to my family, their luck is just that bad. My mom was working at a plant that closed and lost her job. This is the second time this h...


Has Anyone Taken Meds to Increase Libido?

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

I have come to a conclusion that all the natural stuff I have done is not helping, so I'll be scheduling an apptm to talk about meds with my doc. I am just curious if...



K.J. asks from Wichita

Hi, I have a question on medicines you buy online. Are the medicines you can order online comparable to the medicines the doctor would prescribe to you? Are their a...



G.L. asks from Los Angeles

I went to the doctor yesterday to get a refill of my blood pressure pills. The last time I went to the doctor I told him about a little pocket on the sides of my calf...


Allergy Meds While Pregnant

S.M. asks from Columbus

I was hoping someone might know of an allergy medicine that is safe to use during pregnancy. I get chronic sinus infections from my allergies. Last time I was pregn...



E.W. asks from Houston

Hi moms - what does anyone know about medifast? Does it really work? Is it very difficult? Is it very expensive? Any info you can share will be appreciated. Thank yo...



V.P. asks from Orlando

I am new to Orlando and I have no medical insurance at the moment, I need to find a doctors office that will go by my income or some kind of free clinic.