Any Homeopathic Doctors Here?

Updated on January 26, 2013
B.K. asks from Purchase, NY
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I am really interested in learning homeopathy. What school did you attend and for how long? I just want all the info I can get because it's hard to know where to go on the internet. I would have to attend an online school. I guess I need to clarify this a little better. I take my kids to a naturopathic doctor. I want to be able to know how to use essential oils for healing, help people with weight loss, and use natural medicine.

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answers from Dallas on

Homeopathy is not medicine, so you won't find a homeopathic doctor or classes to become one. Do a lot of research into this, because while natural remedies DO work (many medicines are based on or made from naturally occuring chemicals), you take some risks re. liability if you are "prescribing" things to people.

Some homeopathic practices have been debunked - diluting something until it is no longer present in water isn't going to heal anyone. Natural medicine is probably what you are interested in - look in that direction because it has validity.

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, you will find a homeopathic doctors. They are called Naturopathic doctors (NDs).

For example, my father has been enduring treatment for bladder cancer which makes him incredibly nauseous. One homeopathic remedy is ginger. It calms the intestinal system (fluids, etc.) which then leads to the ability to be able to keep food down again.

Whereas a traditional doctor may look first to prescribe medication as a treatment, a homeopathic doctor also looks at the world around (nature) to see what is naturally available to balance the system.

Naturopathic Physicians Are Primary Care Providers

Doctors of naturopathic medicine (NDs) are trained as primary care providers and, as such, their scope of practice may include...

Botanical medicine
Physical medicine
Physical and clinical diagnosis
Laboratory diagnosis and diagnostic imaging
Emergency medicine
Minor surgery
Acupuncture and Oriental medicine*

*Included in scope of practice in some states and provinces.

Naturopathic physicians learn to treat all aspects of family health and wellness, from pediatrics to geriatrics. They tailor their therapies to meet the individual needs of each patient, factoring in physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects before prescribing a course of treatment. Because they view natural remedies as complementary as well as primary, naturopathic physicians cooperate with other medical professionals, referring patients to allopathic medical doctors, surgeons and other specialists whenever appropriate.

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answers from Honolulu on

Do you just want to learn about it. OR, actually go to school for it?

Whole Foods, has a "whole body" department. Ya know, their homeopathic products and supplements and what not.
The Whole Foods company, trains their employees. The Employees in that department (the supplement department) have a lot of knowledge. You might go there to the store, and see what it takes to work there, and what background you need to have.



answers from Boston on

Wow your in the best place to learn. Do some online research or contact someone in your area. I am sure in NY you can find a good place to learn.

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