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Anyone Take Singulair While Breastfeeding?

L.S. asks from Boston

I was prescribed singulair along with some inhaled asthma meds. I've been taking the inhalers for years, but my asthma is really bad right now. I'm breastfeeding a ...


Allergy Medicine

S. asks from Chicago

For all those out there who take allergy medicine,I am looking to see what kind works best for you. I have to take a pill (nasal sprays won't work) and am looking to ...


Symbicort Inhaler &Cough Medicine

A.R. asks from Milwaukee

I just started using a Symbicort inhaler today because the Pro Air wasn't powerful enough for my Asthma. I hav ean itch in the back of my throat that is continuous. ...


Im Pregnant What Allerigy Meds Can I Take?

D.R. asks from Dallas

Im 8 weeks pregnant and I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow, but my alligeries are killing me. Does anyone know if I can take anything? Thanks


Sinuses Clogged

B. asks from Augusta

Hey ladies back with another medical question. Every year I have allergy/ sinus trouble in spring time. This year the pressure in my head is so bad my top teeth are ...


Sudden Fullness in Ears with Loud Ringing

L.B. asks from Boston

Tonight, I suddenly developed a clogged feeling followed by a loud ringing in my ear. It has been a few hours since this first started and it has not let up even a l...