Which Flea Medication Works for Cats?

Updated on May 04, 2008
M. asks from Houston, TX
4 answers

Hi, I have an outside cat. He has been itchy...I think fleas. I seem to be the only one in my family who gets bitten, mainly on ankles. I haven't seen them yet, but I haven't looked on the cat. Which of the many over-the-counter flea medications for cats work? I've seen Hartz and some other ones as well as a natural one. Has anyone used the natural flea med and worked for their cats? Thanks a lot!

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answers from Houston on

You can go to Petsmart and the vet there will sell you Advantage, one dose, for $10. It works for a little over a month, if you can't afford the expensive multi-packs. They are worth it.

By the way, if you are the only one getting bitten, you may be allergic to flea bites like I am. An allergy to fleas makes you more prone to being bitten and it bothers you a lot more than others.

Good luck!



answers from Longview on

Advantage or Frontline Top Spot works you can get them at the vet or PetSmart or Petco.
The stuff you get the grocery store has alittle bit of meds and alot of water. Most cats have reaction to the store bought brands esp. BIOSPOT <-- Dont use can make cats have seizures. They also have a new product that last 6 weeks but you can still apply every 4 weeks its called Promeris and you can only get it from te vet. Check with your vet and they will help you decide.



answers from Houston on

I too have tried over the counter flea med., and they do not work. Several years ago I used Hartz for one of my older cats, and it made him really sick. The ones at the vet really do work. I just paid $46.00 for a 3 months supply. Hope that gives ya an idea.



answers from Houston on

None of the over the counter flea meds really work. I've found that only the ones you can get from the vet work. (Especially for an outdoor cat!) You also may want to spray some insecticide outside that is safe for kids and pets, it my help keep the fleas from invading the house. We have an exterminator that sprays outside and inside every 3 mos and so far so good!

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