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Breastfeeding and Medicine

D.E. asks from Norfolk

I have got a pretty bad cold and i want to take some medicine but i'm breastfeeding. I was wondering if anyone knew any OTC medicine that is ok to talk. I know i shou...


Allergy Meds While Pregnant

S.M. asks from Columbus

I was hoping someone might know of an allergy medicine that is safe to use during pregnancy. I get chronic sinus infections from my allergies. Last time I was pregn...


Tylenol with Other Meds?

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

I went on a roller coaster that shook like crazy a few days ago and my back is killing me behind my shoulder. Can I take Tylenol with the Amoxicilin I am already on a...


Symbicort Inhaler &Cough Medicine

A.R. asks from Milwaukee

I just started using a Symbicort inhaler today because the Pro Air wasn't powerful enough for my Asthma. I hav ean itch in the back of my throat that is continuous. ...


Allergy Medicine

S. asks from Chicago

For all those out there who take allergy medicine,I am looking to see what kind works best for you. I have to take a pill (nasal sprays won't work) and am looking to ...


Medications Safe During Pregnancy

H.D. asks from Dallas

I am 31 weeks pregnant and have been suffering for 2 weeks! I am tired of having mucus in my throat, a dry cough, a sore throat, headache and stuffy nose. My Dr told ...


Canker Sore Inside Cheek

A.A. asks from Nashville

So i have been having a cold since Friday of runny nose and when it would drain it would irritate my throat alittle. So i called my nurse since im 14weeks pregnant to...


Best OTC Medicine for Post Nasal Drip?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

I don't know if I'm sick or if I have allergies but I am having intense post nasal drip that's translating to coughing fits and severe chest congestion. Help! Any O...


Im Pregnant What Allerigy Meds Can I Take?

D.R. asks from Dallas

Im 8 weeks pregnant and I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow, but my alligeries are killing me. Does anyone know if I can take anything? Thanks


Help with Allergies

A.S. asks from Houston

I need help. Let me start off, I have very bad allergies and it seems like they just came to after we had IKE come through Houston. I am from Chicago and never suff...