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Relief for My Mom :(

C.D. asks from Columbia

My mom has shingles and she is in a lot of pain. Along with the nerve pain, she also is suffering from burning and itching where the blisters are. She has been to the...



N.H. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a rash that is on both sides of my body starting under my armpits. What is strange is that it is symetrical on both sides, and only in those areas. It is kin...


Shingles Disease

P.A. asks from Nashville

am 65 years old and contacted the shingles around the 19th of January My question is how long does it last ? I am taking meds


Ulcer- Blahhh --What Helps?

A.H. asks from Denver

So I have been waking up for about a month w terrible upper andominal pains- went to dr she says she thinks I have an ulcer and need to take prevacid/ so I am but I n...



F.E. asks from Green Bay

I had asked a question over a week ago regarding shingles and received some great input to my question. Now I have another one that maybe someone knows the answer to...



F.E. asks from Green Bay

I have been diagnosed with shingles by 3 different doctors but I am still not convinced that I have them. My rash, which is next to my armpit near the breast. is ver...