Hair Coloring and Medicines

Updated on May 07, 2015
M.H. asks from Danville, KY
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Hi I know this may sound strange to some of you, but I have heard that certain medicines will alter the color of your when you have it colored. I am one of those women who cannot handle my gray hairs, although I have truly earned every one i have. I am ot ashamed of them its just I am 37 and look 47 now since I have not been able to color my hair (been scared too) I always do highlights and am now on several different medicines. I take plavix, crestor, aspirin, percocets, xanax and blood pressure medicine. Does anyone know if any of these will alter a blond color highlight if i try to color my hair? I know this is somewhat strange but I love my hair and dont want to ruin it, it has been almost 6 months since i last hair my done, please help. My normal beautician is out of business and i am not very trustworthy of ones around my town. Any advice would be greatful.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hi M., I'm a hair stylist. And I know that drugs cannot alter your hair color. They can have effects on growth, but the hair color. Let me know if you need any more advice about your hair.

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answers from Wheeling on

Well I am not real sure about this, because I have not heard this before. I know my mother is on several medications for high blood pressure, throid, among other things like pain, depression, sleep, and aspirin. I know for a fact that she has been to the beautician to color her hair blonde as well as do it at home herself. As far as I know, the only problem she has had with it is the arthritis in her fingers, so I have had to help her with it. Now, I am not telling you to go out and do it if you don't feel comfortable, I am just letting you know from my personal experience what has happened with my mother and all her medications.

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answers from Muncie on

hi again M.

i heard that too, but i dont think the ones you are on will hurt to color your hair, your best bet would be too ask someone who does hair,,,i know a very intelligent beuatician, that her mother in law is in the nursing home i work at...i will ask her when i see her...but honestly,i dont think you have anything to worry about what you are on...if you want metoo, i will ask gloria, or another girl i know that does to you soon


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answers from Fort Wayne on

I would say that the best thing to do would be to talk with your beautician. I've never heard of medicines altering hair color, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.



answers from Bloomington on

I have not had medications alter the color, but lots of things will. Certain things in your water could, like lime or chlorine. Also, stress can make your hair lose color and even fall out. When I was having a lot of health issues, my natural hair turned really dull and even gray, but the coloring worked okay. However, I noticed the hairs that broke off more because I was coloring it a little darker than my natural color. Also, natural gray hairs (not caused by health or stress) have a different texture and will take color a little differently. But overall, I would not hesitate to color it again. When I feel like I look better, I feel better. You could try a little darker or redder blonde if you are really worried.



answers from Indianapolis on

None of the meds you are on will have any effect on the turnout of your color. I worked at a pharmacy for years, you will be fine!



answers from Muncie on

I have never heard that medication can do that, but it makes sense. I do know from personal experience that excess amounts of stress and/or hormones can do it (brown ended up blue black). But it is nothing they can't figure out a way to fix. I would find a good (and likely expensive) stylist, who does a lot of coloring, and talk to them about it. Then take the plunge. If it goes wrong, you'll have a great story! And they will be able to fix it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am currently experiencing this. The last 2 times I had my hair colored a cool color at the roots, it came out warm and brassy. After the 2nd time it happened, the stylist asked if I was on medication. He said he knew some medications and hormones can have effects on the color.

I am on many medications.

I asked a pharmacist about this, and she had never heard of such a thing! She didn't understand how it could even happen. I've been trying to research on-line. I'm not finding much information.

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