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Major Depression

S.R. asks from Houston

I have been on medication for awhile now. And it just doesn't seem to be helping at all. Today I went back to the doc for more help they are wanting me to do intens...


~~~Online Degrees~~~

K.M. asks from New Orleans

Ok. At the moment I'm a stay at home mom. I been looking into taking a online course to get a associate degree in either: Associate of Arts with A Concentration in...


Why Do We Want to Penalize the Employers? Did You Read the Legislation?

C.S. asks from Miami

Honestly, I don't understand the majority of America today. Look at the statistics, most young people are able to get jobs through small business. Small business is...


Where Do I Begin? I Want to Start My Own {Small} Business.

R.D. asks from Kansas City

I know there are lots of mamas out there that sell stuff, but I don't want to do any at home or party sales. Been there, done that. You name it, I have probably tried...


Christmas Gifts for New Relationships

L.L. asks from Spokane

I have been dating someone for the past few months and it's become exclusive. He dropped the L word the other day and I just don't know how to respond. Anyways, he is...


Online Bachelor's Degree?

M.S. asks from Columbus

Has anyone received a bachelor's degree online? I've seen ads on the Internet and on tv, promoting online schooling, but I'm not sure of the reliability or the suppo...


Ever Felt Out of Your Own Body?

A.P. asks from Los Angeles

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced feeling out of your body, like you go through the motions and are conscience and aware but you just feel part of your sp...


ITT Tech (Breckenridge College) for Nursing?

E.T. asks from Albuquerque

Hello all. Do any of you have any experience with Breckenridge College at ITT Tech for nursing? I have a friend looking to get an RN degree -- it's an associates degr...


JFF? Couragous Female Role Model for Young Girls

V.M. asks from Cleveland

I'm sure there are tons, Can be historical or contemporary. Who do you think of off the top of your head?


Electric Bills Too High

N.W. asks from Dallas

Hi I am currently with TXU . My rates keep going up. Who do you all recommend I should switch to? thanks