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Advice on Vaccinations

I need advice about what vaccines are neccesary and what which ones my 4 month old daughter can do without. She got them all at two months, which I was unsure about but due to lack of knowledge I decided for her to get them cause I didn't want to not get them and her get sick. Iam concerned that vaccinations might cause autism when they get them so young. Iam really worried about this especially with all the talk about autism these days. I'd like to know what other moms did. Your advice is greatly appriciated. Her Dr. appointment is...

For Children

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Shots for Infant

I just took my Son to have his 2 month shots on Monday. He had the worse time with it, I mean worse then I even imagined. It wasn't to plesant for myself either.. He got 3 shots and 1 in his mouth to drink. During the shots he cried and whimpered when they were done. The Kaiser nurse who did them was rude & rough with him. I wasn't to happy with her. After he cried and I gave him his bottle and some Tylenol. He slept, when he woke up about 3 hours later he was so unhappy. His legs were swollen and red, he had a fever. The Pediatrician said...


To Vaccine or Not?

Hi Moms, you helped me before when my two year old daughter wouldn't brush...


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HPV Vaccine for DD 13 Yrs Old….. What Did You Do?

Hello, I am trying to learn more about this HPV vaccine that is out there now for girls. My daughter is 13 and our pediatrician had asked if we were interested in the vaccine but I put it off until I was more informed. I am curious, what did you do and why? Thanks in advance for the advice!


HPV Vaccine for Boys

My doc suggested next year my SON receive the HPV vaccine at 11. I thought...