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Down After Daughter's Doctor's Appointment

W.S. asks from Atlanta

I just returned from my daughter's 2-year well-child visit with her doctor and I am totally bummed. This is my only child and I know that I am a little over-protectiv...


Should I Make a Doctor's Appointment?

A.W. asks from Chicago

My little girl is 5 years old and this morning she threw up once. She was complaining that her stomach hurt and then she threw up once. She doesn't have a fever but s...


Appointment Cancellation Fee - What Happened

A.D. asks from New York

We missed our pediatrician's appointment. Happened for the first time in my life. We realized two hours later what happened and tried to reschedule to no avail. ...


First Dermatologist Appointment

S.H. asks from Huntsville

I decided today I need to make an appointment with a dermatologist. I found one & will be calling them Monday morning to hopefully get an appointment. I have what...


What to Expect at a Midwife Appointment?

K.H. asks from Reno

I am pregnant with baby #3 and we finally have our first appointment next week! I am so excited but I have never been to a midwife. We chose to see one because I wa...


Schedule a Doctors Appointment?

A.M. asks from Des Moines

My 10 month old recently got over an ear infection. As soon as he was over the infection he got croup (there was an incidence of it at daycare). I read up on it, and ...


Doctor or Not?

S.B. asks from Dallas

So we are not ones to run to the doctor with every cough and sneeze. In fact my six year old has only had one "sick" appointment his entire life and it was for an in...


Doctor Saying Was Treated at Appointment for Something Wasn't Treated For

S.C. asks from Houston

I am trying to figure this out... I started new insurance in Jan. They have a look back of 8 months, if you didn't have insurance. My insurance ran out at the begi...


6 Week Wait for Dr Appointment for Lump - This Is Very Detailed

E.B. asks from Washington DC

Just to let you know i plan to be very descriptive on this posting. I have a lump/knot on my breast but I can't find much information about one at this location and ...


Should I Go to the ER or Wait Till My Next Dr Appointment?

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I am about 7 and a half months pregnant. I have been having on and off pain in my lower abdomen. It started off just being pain in my lower right abdomen whenever...