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Questions About Flying

L.K. asks from Dallas

can i give my 11 month old benedryl before our flight. its her first time flying. she has no allergies thus far.l


Help My Son Is Always Late for School.

S.L. asks from Denver

Help I'm at my wits end! My son is in the first grade and is six years old. He is a wonderful boy with a great personality. However, he is not a morning person. I...


Going to the Army -Gift Ideas

T.P. asks from Dallas

My cousin has just enlisted in the US Army. We are having a party for him this weekend. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of gifts to give to someone going away...


Did You Hear About the Baby Who Fell from a Grocery Cart and Died!?

S.R. asks from Kansas City I wish people would realize that car seats are not supposed to be put on top of the ...


Taking 14 Month Old on 5 Hour Flight...

T.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, I'm completely terrified about taking my little one on vacation with us, but I really want to go! It is about a 5 hour flight and we will be in coach seat...


What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

L.L. asks from Hartford

So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many...


7 Week Old Only Sleeps Held or with Mom/dad

C.Q. asks from San Francisco

I have a 7 week old baby girl who has rejected the bassinet from day one. We tried for over a week to help her sleep in the bassinet but with no success. We tried p...



N.C. asks from Boston

I am a new mom of a 3 1/2 week old boy who is still learning a ton. My question is in regards to co-sleeping and developing good sleeping habits. So far, I think my s...


I'm Trying to Register for My Baby Shower and I Don't Know What I Need...

R.R. asks from San Francisco

There are so many "must-have" baby things out there that I have no idea what is really helpful vs. what is not as important. If you could respond with baby products ...


Need Advice on How to Get My Daughter to Sleep Somewhere Other than My Bed :(

A.M. asks from Hickory

My daughter is 9 weeks old...from the time she came home from the hospital, she has refused to sleep in her bassinet or crib. My husband and I have tried every sleep ...