Best Backpack You Bought for Your Kids!

Updated on June 29, 2011
A.M. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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I'm looking for recommendations on backpacks. My daughter starts kindergarten this fall and she is small for her age - so I don't want a backpack that overwhelms her. A couple of years ago I bought my son the small haul backpack from Lands End. It has been great. Just wondering if you have any other suggestions on brands/stores where I can look - just so I can have a wider selection!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses everyone! I'm glad to see that Lands End is the popular choice. I'm going to go that route again - thanks for the validation!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I say Land's End is the way to go. Stick with it. Why change if you've got a good thing going? I have bought them for my kids (along with L.L.Bean's bags) and both of these brands have held up amazingly well. My son's bag is 3 yrs old and still in perfect shape. He is going into 8th grade, so you can imagine he has attempted some damage on the thing over the past 3 years... You'd never know it though.

I finally broke down and bought my daughter an LLBean bag this past year (she didn't care for the colors on any of the LE ones) and it still looks brand new. I expect it will last a few more years as well. SOOOOO worth the extra few dollars they cost, compared to buying one at Target or whatever. Those all wear out in a few months and have to be replaced anyway...

I even used my son's 3 yr old bag this past spring, to carry some things on an all day field trip with my daughter's class onto Cumberland Island. It was just what I needed and still... looks fabulous and completely functional in every way. Every zipper still works perfectly, etc.

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answers from Chicago on

I love the backpack we got my daughter at Pottery Barn. It's small and she was excited to have her name on it. When she started first grade, we added the lunch box to it (matches) which she was very excited about. It has help up beautifully for two years.

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answers from Washington DC on

I LOVE Lands End and LL Bean!!

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answers from Boston on

LOVE love love the LL Bean backpacks. My younger kids have had the Junior backpacks (look like the big kid ones, just small) since they were 2 and in daycare. They are now 5 & 7 and these packs show no wear and tear. My oldest went through many backpacks when younger and has had a bigger LL Bean pack since 4th grade and it now heading into 8th grade with it. Super durable, the right size, nice choice of colors (if you order early) - I have never regretted buying these and can't imagine bothering with any other brands again. These are indestructable!

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answers from Raleigh on

Lands End or L.L. Bean hands down!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

we've been really happy with the LL Bean back packs that our daughters have used for 1st through 3rd grade and counting - they're still in great shape and I expect that they'll take these packs to middle school unless they need bigger packs by then (they have the "Original" back packs). Keep an eye out on the "sale" section of the LL Bean web site b/c when they put patterns on clearance/sale you can get super awesome deals (I got lunch boxes to match my girls' backpacks on sale last year)
Edited to add: LLBean has their Junior Original in a cute Carnation Lime Fish Print on sale for $9.99 - that's more than half off!



answers from Philadelphia on

Lands End can't be beat. My going into 5th-grader is still using the one from before 2nd grade. And it's still in great condition.



answers from Chicago on

I know you already posted your SWH, but just wanted to give my recommendation :)

I purchased my daughter's kindergarten backpack from GARNET HILL and she will use it next year as she goes into the 2nd grade (wow! time flies :) ... it's perfect for the K-3rd grade set and the patterns for both boys and girls are so unique! They have backpacks for the upper elementary years as well that are larger and have more compartments.

Have a great year!!


answers from Washington DC on

My son is going into first and he already picked a blue camoflauge one that came with a skate board (pretty sure he only wanted the skate board.) My daughter is going into 3rd and I will probably get her a LL Bean one.


answers from Seattle on

So, this is random...and I dont even know if you can find them still....

I bought this back pack from Children's Place. It was on clearance when I bought, it was like six bucks. Anyways. It is designed to be a ''BEACH'' bag and has a mesh bottom so the sand will fall out. OH MY GOD I love it. My biggest pet peeve with bags, is if I have a snack crumble in then have the forever fine dusting of whatever it was that broke open. Even if I wash is never the same again. Anyways this is my favorite bags to use for outings. It holds a butt load and is light and carries ALOT!!...lots of water proof pockets too.

Something that is designed to get wet inside and out, it pretty beneficial.



answers from Chicago on

REI has some cute ones.



answers from Omaha on

I'm a huge fan of Dabbawalla!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I am glad to hear you had a positive experience with Land's End. My son is going into 3rd this year and the "cute, character" single-year use backpacks are a thing of the past. I think I'm getting him O. from Land's End this year. I'm curious to see your other responses--thanks for asking!



answers from Chicago on

pottery barn kids. not the preschool size the small size. nice backpack



answers from Sacramento on

Lands' End. Our son got two good years out of his and we're only replacing it next school year because he decided orange is no longer his favorite color. It's held up wonderfully, despite him throwing the backpack all over the place (including pavement at school ... watched him do it!). No tears, frays, nothing.


answers from Cincinnati on has preschool backpacks. They're the perfect size. My daughter used it 2 years. We'll get a new one for first grade this fall, and it will be from landsend. The quality is really good.



answers from Chicago on

Definitely Lands End. My oldest has had hers for 4 years now. I got her the regular sized one & she picked out one of the little animals to be embroidered & her initials on it. I just occaisionally throw it in the washer on gentle & hang it to dry. Virtually no wear at all-but I did get a red one to help with this. My middle daughter is starting school this year, so we're getting her one too.

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