Backpack Diaper Bag? - San Jose,CA

Updated on October 28, 2008
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
4 answers

Does anyone have a backpack diaper bag that you really like? I'm looking at the Jujube Back Pack diaper bags. Do you know anything about them? I have one made by "Baby Innovations" that I like but it's getting too small. Looking for something more spacious to be able to hold several changes of clothes, baby food, bottles, and toys as well as snacks, and personal items for me (cell phone, big wallet, Power bars, sunglasses, water bottles, gum, chapstick, etc, etc..) Any suggestions that you have are appreciated! Thank you!

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answers from Chico on

We also got just a regular backpack- you can find ones with tons of pockets to hold all the necessities, and then some.



answers from Sacramento on

I went through a couple "baby" backpack diaper bags, and then just ended up getting a regular backpack! They come in so many shapes and sizes you will undoubtedly find one to fit your style. I found them to be a little sturdier, I had two little ones I was packing for, but even when I only had the one I always seemed to need more room than the baby bags offered and the backpacks offered more organizational space for me also! GOOD LUCK!!



answers from Sacramento on

i had many kinds of diaper bags..and a reg back pack seems to get my vote too. only thing i missed was all the extra pockets.. but those just hold stuff we don't ever use. LOL it will keep you from dragging out everything but the kitchen sink. can use a small makeup bag as a "in case" medicine bag. you'll save a ton this way.. and it will last longer..



answers from San Francisco on

another vote for "Regular Backpack" - I already had a good-sized one so I got a First Years fold'n'go changing pad (, about $9 at Target) to hold the diapering accessories, used insulated lunchboxes to hold the snacks and food items, ziplocks for the changes of clothes, etc. One added benefit of this system is it's easy to scale up or scale down depending on the length of time you'll be out - so, big backpack for a day in the park, smaller one for just running a couple errands, just the changer pad for a stroller ride around the block. Also hubby is less likely to object to carrying the diaper bag when it looks like an ordinary backpack :-)

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