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Updated on March 11, 2011
A.V. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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I'm looking for a backpack to use as a diaper bag. I don't want a huge one. I need it to be sturdy enough to be tossed in the car (like a jansport or eastpak) but also has a water bottle holder on the outside.

I've already looked at jansport and eastpak and their water bottle holder ones are too big.

Oh, and if it could be a solid color vs a character or something, that would be nice. My husband carries it, too.

Price, I'd like to be under $50 and prefer something that can be a backpack more than a diaper bag in the style of a backpack (sorry I didn't specify earlier). I was looking at Kelty and Columbia, too.

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So What Happened?

Finally got a NorthFace Jester pack and I hope it's the right size. Seems to have the stuff I need, though, like a water bottle holder.

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answers from Norfolk on

Pottery Barn Kids - They have 2 sizes, multiple colors, and you even can have initials put on it. We used them for diaper bags, and then for preschool and kindergarten. Then we bought the larger one for 1st grade. They also have the matching lunchbox which clips to it.

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answers from Sacramento on

Check out those from Lands End. They're terrific and do have the water bottle holders on the side. I bet since it's off-season for buying backpacks, you could find them in their Overstocks section. They make a backpack for kindergartners, but not positive that one has a water bottle holder (although I would guess it does since their others do).

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answers from Minneapolis on

I love my Swiss Army backpacks!! Very comfortable on the shoulders, plenty of room but not bulky. Bought one at Target and the other at Sam's Club (I can't remember).



answers from Washington DC on

check out any of the diaper bags at diaperdude.com They are fantastic.


answers from Rochester on

I was just at Target and saw a backpack I would really like to have. I forget the brand, honestly, but it was back in the luggage near the automotive section (they only had a few different ones.) It was black, and compact...not huge...but had lots of pockets extending outward (not sideward) from it and I just remember thinking that it would be so great for a diaper bag. Maybe check it out! It was about sixty dollars.

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