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Updated on August 18, 2011
T.M. asks from Brooklyn, MI
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Hello All!

I'm looking for any suggestions on a backpack for my daughter.
She is going into Young 5's (which my son was just in last year so I know how much paperwork will be coming home)
She's just under 3'6"
She's not petite but she has a small frame

We currently own a couple of backpacks (for boys) Both are excellent in fabric wear ability and no problems with zippers

(1) Potterybarn Boys' Mackenzie Preschool - This was a VERY small backpack that worked just fine for preschool but no further
(1) Lands' End Boys' Small Haul - This is great size for the amount of paperwork HOWEVER when I tried it on my daughter the straps were sloppy, even when I pulled them as tight as possible

SO...I'm looking for suggestions on the following backpacks OR should you have one you just love they way it fits and the wear ability of it then do pass it along

- Lands' End Girls' Feather Light series (either the 100 OR 200) Looks like the should straps might fit better
- Potterybarn Girls' Machenzie Small OR Fairfax Small
- North Face Kids Sprout, Homeslice or Recon Squash look interesting as well
- Even Keen Kids Peepbles backpack looks interesting

Couple of things...
- I don't like character stuff at all so those are not even an option
- I'd like this to last for 2 years if not 3 (My son will use his Lands' End Small Haul again this year for Kindergarten)

Thanks in advance :)

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter uses a messenger bag that can be worn as a backpack , shoulder strap, or messenger style. It is a little big, but light and she usually wears it as a messenger.

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answers from San Francisco on

My older daughter has always been a fan of the featherlight Lands' End backpacks (my younger one prefers the small haul, but you're right, the straps are large-ish for a small kid). My older daughter had a featherlight backpack for preschool and into Kinder before we needed a larger backpack for her. It worked well for her for ages 3-5. She is tall for her age, but willowy/ small-boned, if that helps.



answers from Detroit on

I have to agree with everyone who suggested LLBean backpacks. They are wonderful, and there are several sizes to choose from. They currently have the Original Junior print backpack on sale for 9.99 (always free shipping).



answers from Detroit on

I have just always used one from Target or Toys R Us and they have lasted just fine.

I know you said that you don't like character ones, but they do have some plain ones. Although, even though YOU don't like character ones, maybe reconsider. It is for her, not you, and it is an exciting thing to pick out. I am not always crazy about character stuff, but I figure that my kids are only young once and will outgrow it before I am ready for them to grow up! i still remember picking out my first lunch box (metal, Strawberry Shortcake, with a thermos - MAN I feel old!) and how exciting it was.



answers from Augusta on

sounds odd but we found my daughter's backpack at the local Academy , sporting goods store. it's a good high quality backpack. for not much money
Try your local sporting goods store, most of the back packs I found at ours were not characters, I dont like those either.



answers from Roanoke on

In my highschool we carry 7 pound laptops plus text books and notebooks, and some kids are having them for their 3rd year.
I work at Hot Topic, and we do not carry them but Spencer's does (at my store its up front, away from anything inappropriate.) or you could check out
Mine is the "student deluxe" for 50$, I got it for 25$ at Spencer's cause they have a half off deal
They also have just "Student" which is smaller for 20$



answers from Houston on

Wow, you really did your homework! Impressive.

My DD just finished elementary school so I have 6 years of experience with backpacks.

If you can, I would DEFINITELY go with a rolling backpack. My daughter's backpack weighed so much she could barely pull it out of the car during car pool drop off. I've read articles on the topic and I believe backpacks should not weigh more than 15% of a child's body weight.

Since we use a rolling backpack, we never bother with the shoulder straps.

I finally forked out the money for an LL BEAN rolling back pack. I do not know the style name. They have a lifetime guarantee (I think you can send it in for replacements no matter what the condition or age). This back pack rolls like a dream.

The darker the color the better, hides the dirt. Never thought I would use a back pack longer than one school year but the LL Bean looks like it will get me years of use. $80 but worth it.



answers from Honolulu on

LL Bean.

GREAT backpacks of all kinds.
My daughter has had her's since Kindergarten. A rolling backpack.
She is now in 4th grade, and it still looks new and has never broken.
LL Bean backpacks, are warrantied for life. If at any time it breaks or whatever, they will send you a new one, for FREE.
Just keep your receipt etc.

My son is now in Kindergarten, and has an LL Bean rolling back pack too.

AND you can get it monogrammed.

LL Bean backpacks are the best, and WELL worth the price.

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