I Need to Find a SMALL Child's Back Pack!

Updated on January 31, 2012
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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My daughters, when they were very young, had this adorable pink butterfly back pack. It was small, for 2 year old's little bodies.

My 2 year old son wants a back back SO BAD and uses the pink butterfly one around the house ALL THE TIME! BUT... my husband wouldn't want him walking around in public with it, and we need one for preK.

I found one on Amazon that's super cute (literally ONE)... but I wasn't really trying to spend $25 (including S&H) on something that may or may not last long.

Any ideas as to where I could find something like this?

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answers from Denver on

Try TJ MAxx or Ross in the children's area.

Also, if you have nay Thrift shops close by, they usually have a bunch of backpacks big and small that are in pretty good shape - can't beat the price!

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answers from Detroit on

I second LL Bean backpacks. They literally last FOREVER. If a zipper breaks, you can send it back and they'll send you a new backpack, no questions asked. They come in cute colors and patterns. My son has had a small LL Bean one with sharks on it since he was 2. It is big enough to fit his blanket, change of clothes, diapers, etc. but small enough that he can carry it himself.

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answers from Detroit on

My mom bought my son a backpack, I believe at Target. It is batman and it has wheels and a handle AND it lights up! He LOVES it! Its small, but he loves wheeling it around, and now its actually the keeper of his 5 million matchbox cars. Thank goodness for the wheels, because that thing is heavy now!!
Also, 31 bags sells super cute little backpack for kids and you can have their name put on it for a small fee. :) They arent cheap, but some months they run really good deals. OR you could have a 31 party and get one for free. ;)

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answers from Cleveland on

Lands End makes a small one top quality. Still have ours 12 years later!

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answers from Detroit on

I am a HUGE fan of LLBean backpacks and have gotten some GREAT clearance prices. Currently, the one I was thinking for your son, is not on sale as cheap as I have seen it (I have gotten this bag for $9). My daughter used it in Pre-K, and now in K... still in very good condition, etc. The BEST part about LLBean backpacks is that they literally last forever... if 10 years from now it starts to fall apart, LLbean will replace it, no questions asked! I still faithfully use a backpack I got from LLBean when I was a college student. It is almost 20 years old now and going strong! All of those cheap bags you will find at Walmart won't last you half a year... seriously, they won't. WELL WORTH THE MONEY SPENT for a backpack that will be used forever! Oh, and LLBean has free shipping on any sized order.
Here is a link to the bag (or at least the size) that is great for younger kids (and will hold a standard size folder, etc. You may not be ready for this backpack quite yet, but remember this when you are looking for a "real" backpack.

Updated: There is a smaller one than the one that is in the link... it is called a "original Junior backpack".


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answers from Jacksonville on

LLBean or Land's End.
You can't beat the quality of either of those.

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answers from Boston on

My mom found my son one at LL Bean.

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answers from Boston on

Sometimes Toys R Us has them (although more often at the end of the summer/beginning of the school year) and I recently saw one at Kohls in the toy section.

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answers from Lakeland on

Walmart carries small backpacks. They are just regular ones no kid stuff on them. I found one for my step daughter since she will not carry a purse. I got tired of holding her cell phone, pads camera and stuff when she visits us.

Check out Target too in the suitcase isle. I see them around here all the time, but I live in the top vacation area around.

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answers from Austin on

In Walmart, in the toddler section (the clothing section) there were several small toddler backpacks... Thomas, Spiderman, and Cars, I think.... these were on a "wall" by character pajamas. I think they were $10. We just bought one for my grandson a week or so ago.

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answers from Amarillo on

How about a little military backpack? I have several around the house that I have made up for a boutique I am in. The line is for boys.

The other S.

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answers from Washington DC on

There was a promo at one time that if you got a kids' magazine, you got a Dr. Seuss backpack to go with. My DD has one and loves it. You can look at thrift stores and kiosks in the mall.

Or Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Seuss-Friends-Backpack-Small-Pretee...

It's held up really well. We use it often.

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answers from Dallas on

I have(had?) a tiny blue Jansport backpack... let me see if I can find it, if I do, I'll ship it to you on Monday :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Baby Gap baby - baby gap!!! That's where I bought Nicky's camo backpack and if we still had it - I would send it to you!!!

Also Dicks Sporting goods has bags and backpacks!!

let me do some searching on ebay for you!!


here's one for you.

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answers from Boston on

In Wallmart I bought my daughter a small women's backpack purse in jean material that fit her perfectly. Also, eBags.com has great bags of all kinds, and has the Jansport half pint.


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answers from Sheboygan on

My kids both have Crocodile Creek backpacks for preschool. They are small and come in a bunch of different colors/styles. They have held up very well and still look like new. Amazon has some of them starting at around $15.



answers from Augusta on

I've seen tiny backpacks at target, look in the luggage section.



answers from Houston on

Pottery barn kids preschool size backpacks. So adorable, love their backpacks!



answers from Los Angeles on

Try Wal-mart for the cheapest.
Target if they don't have a Wal-Mart in your area.
Even Ross stores have them in the kid section near the toys.


answers from Phoenix on

R., check Walgreens if you have one by you. We bought my daughter a spongebob one but they also had cars, toy story and princess, I believe.



answers from Albuquerque on

Have you seen those little monkey backpacks with the tail? The tail is meant to be kind of like a leash. You may be able to find one cheap on Craigslist, otherwise I think they may be at Walmart.



answers from Chicago on

I bought this one for my son who is 3 for a trip on an airplane. It's pretty small, but big enough to hold papers and whatevery other crafts they bring home from preschool. Super cheap (only $8).

But for school, I bring my kids store-to-store to pick out their backpacks, a few new outfits, supplies and out to lunch.



answers from Norfolk on

Hi, R.:
Go to a thrift store.
They might have one.
Good luck.



answers from Richmond on

We have a store called spencers in the mall that caries little back packs like that. we got a teenage mutant ninja turtle one but they have a lot. I think I've also seen some at toys r us but that might have been at school shopping time.

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