Backpack for Kindergarten Student

Updated on August 06, 2012
I.H. asks from Farmington, UT
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Hello Ladies!
What is the best backpack for Kindergarten student (5 years old)?

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So What Happened?

Thank you very much for your advises.
We decide and bought this backpack (Beep-Boop Robot)
This backpack a little bit smaller than LLBean ones. Therefore, probably LLBean we will keep in mind for our son when he will be a little bit older.
Thank you again to everyone!

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answers from Las Vegas on

My MIL sent my son a Cars backpack that I think she got from AVON. I wouldn't spend too much for one but don't go little at all. Just need something to make it through the year.

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answers from Phoenix on

I always let my kids pick out one they like. That way I know they will use it and take care of it and we won't have to keep replacing it. Any regular size backpack should be good for a kindergartener. Staples has a ton to choose from. Good luck.

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answers from San Francisco on

Wait until school starts before buying one! My son was on the small side so I bought him a really nice, smaller sized backpack but it turned out not to be long enough for the Friday Folder that came home every week.
Wait until you see what he actually needs it for and go from there. We have had great wear and fun colors/styles from our Jansports (available at Target.)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Depends on how long you want to use it and if you want to go the character route. Target has the characters for cheap but they only last one year. Does not really matter as they are into another character by the next year anyway. Then there are the higher quality packs from places like LLBean, LandsEnd, Garnet Hill & Hanna Anderson. You should get a few years out of one of them.

Five minutes ago I ordered this one for DD who is going into kindergarten (5 yo) The review said it was on the smaller side so I figured it would be great for my DD. Right now they have 25% off so I got the backpack, matching lunchbox, and a pair of 9.99 shorts for DS for 49.81 and they gave me the free shipping. Code is GAPCOLOR

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answers from Kansas City on

i wouldn't recommend a smaller one...they are carrying folders and papers in it, why would you get one that those wouldn't fit in without crumpling them or folding them? we got him a regular character backpack from walmart. it was $10. no biggie.

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answers from Boston on

LL Bean- expensive but durable. Not the little one though bc it needs to fit a folder.

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answers from Missoula on

Lands End has cute backpacks in small, medium and large for kids of different ages/sizes. We got a small one for our kindergartener and he loves it. Its big enough to hold his stuff, but not huge on him. Now he is asking for the matching lunch box :-)

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answers from Dallas on

Hello I.,

I am a true believer in Lands End backpacks. They carry different sizes for preschoolers, elementary, middle school, high school and adult sizes. The quality is amazing. My little one has used his for four years already and it is still in perfect shape. My middle schooler, who is rougher on his pack, has also had his as long. Still perfect! The prices for your little one will run around $35.00 and usually around this time of year they offer free shipping. I believe they also have a guarantee, but I've never needed to use it.

Also remember that the cheaper backpacks that you may have used for the preschool years may have lasted longer because it was you carrying the backpack! :). I found out with my older child that the cheaper ones only make it through the year - and that is squeaking by.

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answers from Springfield on

My son carried his lunch, his folder and possibly a change of clothes or some art work.

Those toddler backpacks are so cute but too small for kindergarten.

Really, just get one he/she will like. My parents bought my son a Mickey Mouse backpack three years ago. It wasn't top of the line, but my son loved it. It's starting to wear out (and I really want him to have a new one for kindergarten), so I bought him a new one this year. We went to Target when they were on sale for $13, and he chose Marvel Heroes (he wanted some Avengers and Spiderman!). We'll probably have to replace it in a couple of years, but I'm ok with that. He loves it, so there ya go.

Added: My son's Mickey Mouse was a cheapo, and it lasted 2 years of preschool and 1 year of PreK. Truthfully he could still use it this year, but he's starting kindergarten, and Mommy wants her kindergartener to have a brand new backpack. Also, I was concerned that Micky Mouse might seem a little babyish. Spiderman is much more "big boy!"

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it is sadly pathetic when seeing the Kindergartners walking out of class each and every day with a huge backpack on their back. It's often empty but my GOD, if they have anything in it they would be over whelmed with it.

But a small one that her notebook will fit in. There is plenty of time later in her academic career to buy and carry a larger one.

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answers from Dallas on

Don't go little, you need a full size folder to be able to fit in it (our kindergarten teachers sent folders home daily) plus lunch and a water bottle. Look for durable instead of cute or cool, save cute or cool for the lunchbox. I bought an LL Bean for my son, he's using it again this year in 1st and I'm pretty sure it'll make it through 2nd grade too. The lunch box, eh that got tossed the last day of school, it was gross and throwing it in the washer would not have helped, plus the poly inside was tearing.

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answers from Tulsa on

My son is also starting Kindergarten and I went cheap and let him pick out what he wanted. Which was a Mario backpack with matching lunch box. $13. I figure I will be lucky to get two years out of it, but it's his first year of school and I wanted him to feel special. I'm not going to buy a heavy duty backpack until middle school, probably. Hopefully by then he will take better care of it and have a better need for it.



answers from Dallas on

LL Bean makes a small one. My boys have had theirs since they were 3 and they'll be good til they're about 7. LOVE them.



answers from Columbus on

Since it's only Kindergarten, I would go the cheap route - Target usually has some nice ones. Plus, at that age, they'll probably want a character.

But, when your child gets a little older, I would invest about $100 - seriously! My kids have had theirs now for several years and they still look brand new! Swiss Army is the brand. They were worth every penny - of course it was their Grandparents pennies!! lol!! But still worth it instead of buying a new one every year which usually costs between $20 to $30!!!

Good luck!!!



answers from Topeka on

I just let them pick out what they wanted at Toys r us thye are 15 bucks comes with a free lunch kit they don't bring but notes home,their weekly behavior chart some work that was done but the teacher usually saves it till conference time to show improvements made then we get it all then so at this time I won't invest in a big expensive back pack thats not needed till they do I will then



answers from Philadelphia on

Go to The Gap or Children's Place. They tend to have smaller size backpacks. I think Target does too.



answers from Los Angeles on

Like someone else said: Gap or Children's place.

I would avoid Target. Really cheaply made and lots of lame corporate advertising. If Disney Princess or Nickelodeon shows want me to buy it and advertise for them, they better pay me for it, not the other way around. And I don't know if any of the paint is toxic on it or not. Lots of made in China and I don't know that the companies (manufacturer and big name putting in the order) share the same interests as far as quality of materials.

I'd wait a few years for LLBean. They are very well made and will last for years though. I'd just wait so your child can pick and choose the one they want.

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