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Adapting a Single Bob Revolution for Two

K.H. asks from Seattle

Has anyone tried or have any ideas about adapting a Bob Revolution single stroller for two kids? We LOVE our Bob and for various reasons we can't upgrade to a double...


Monster High Opinion

S.H. asks from Salinas

I noticed a conservative friend allows her 3 year old to have a monster high backpack. I thought these dolls were for older kids and a little, um, not conservative. I...


Double Stroller Recommendations

A.P. asks from Fresno

I am in need of some suggestions regarding double strollers. I have an 18 month old little girl and another one on the way. I am at a loss for what double stroller to...


Jogging Stroller

H.M. asks from Boston

Can someone recommend a decent jogging stroller...mostly used for walking? Would like a swivel wheel, but one that also locks for running. I've seen the BOB Revolutio...


HELP. I Don't Jog... I Hike! I Need a Good Sturdy Stroller for Ruff Terrain.

D.A. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking for a jogging stroller but need something very sturdy. I need something tuff and not too expensive. Any suggestions??? I'm getting responses to get a b...


5-Month-old Hates Stroller

J.H. asks from Boston

I have a 5-month-old who absolutely hates his stroller. He used to like it, but he has now gotten too big for his snap-in seat, and I have to sit him facing out when ...


Looking for Double Stroller Suggestions

L.L. asks from Boston

We're expecting baby no. 2 in Feb. Our first daughter will be 19 mo. old when the baby arrives. We're in the process of researching double strollers and trying to fig...


Beach Day

A.P. asks from Los Angeles

While summer isn't for a few more months, warm weather is just around the corner! I want to start to buy things for the beach. What do I really need, for my then six...


A Bucket List for Kids?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

This is kind of piggy-backing off another question about kids and snow.... Are there things you want your kids to experience? For example - we would like our ki...


Lice Issue

L.L. asks from Houston

The school called to let my son know that his 4 year old has head lice. We were mortified!!! Where did she get them, how could this happen - etc. When we calmed down ...