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Rash on Chin

J.K. asks from Seattle

Hello. My five year old son has a rash on his chin. I'm pretty sure it's from sucking on his blanket. The wet blanket rests on his face and causes the rash. I'm d...


Diaper Bag Recommendations

S.O. asks from Champaign

I currently have a 9*10*6 diaper bag that is TOO SMALL. I have gone through two larger, hospital diaper bags in under 2 years. I am looking for a larger, quality ba...


First Plane Ride for Kids

K.K. asks from Columbus

Hello! In June my 4-year-old, and 5-month-old will be experiencing their first plane ride. I am starting to panic. I am looking for advice to make this as smooth...


Baby Product Must Haves?

N.H. asks from Boston

Hi Moms Just want to know what baby products you all though was something that you couldnt have lived without. I am having son nuber 2 in nov and just want to see wh...


New Baby on the Way... What Do I Need?

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am due in May and am getting ready to start stocking my house with stuff for baby. We have an eight year old son but I feel that it has been so long since I have do...


My Baby Bag's Blown Up

S.M. asks from San Francisco

Argh! So I'm out for summer and I can't get a handle of this baby bag. Every weekend when we go out it's my job to pack the kid's stuff. Diapers, wipes, extra clothe...


Help! Breastmilk or Formula

H.A. asks from Denver

Hello mamas, You've always been so helpful with my pregnancy questions, now I have a newborn and need more help! Okay, I have a 10 day old boy who screams inconso...


Eczema and Chafed Legs

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have a 2 year old who LOVES the outdoors. We have two problems, the heat is making him break out in patches of eczema on his arms and now legs and back a...


Suggestions for 8-10 Hour Flight

A.M. asks from Dallas

I'm going on a last minute trip with my 20 month old and 3 month old sons overseas in 2 weeks. The 3 month old will be easy, but my 20 month old doesn't even like 15...


What's a Item You Used for Your Baby That You Couldn't Live Without??

J.J. asks from Chicago

HI MAMMA'S! I'm a soon-to-be 1st time gramma and wanted to make sure my daughter had some great things to help her transition into parenthood with the new baby. Is ...