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Updated on September 02, 2012
A.T. asks from Grove City, OH
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My daughter will be starting preschool in the fall and I was wondering if you could recommend a backpack. Does your son/daughter have one you just love? Is it worth it to get a more expensive one from LL Bean or PB Kids, or just go with a cheaper one from Target or Wal-Mart? Thanks!

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answers from Topeka on

The preschool that my children attend recommend a backpack that is large enough that you can easily fit a project in meaning the size of construction paper vary rarely they came home with something larger.My son had a normal 2 zipper compartment CARS backpack he used for 2 yrs in preschool.That was inexpensize less than $20.00 my daughter has a Dora bag found @ Walmart for $5.00 that is 1 zipper & is smaller than a reg. size backpack that is the perfect size for her.I personally wouldn't buy an expensive backpack for preschool or kindergarten because really they don't have a load to carry unless that'll be the only backpack they'll use for a few yrs.

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answers from New York on

Make sure that what ever one you get is small and your child can easily carry it. I don't think that at that age she would need one except to carry her lunch, snack, and maybe a project or two but when you pick her up, you'll probably carry those to help her. The backpacks that are too large cause problems for kids both physically and can injure themselves and others if they can't be managed! Please don't get the pull ones either, everyone just trips on them! Good Luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Personally I think one from Walmart or wherever is just fine. Mine went to prek 3 this year and I bought a Pony one from Walmart. School year has only three months to go and it looks just as good as the day I bought it. At first I was gonna get a small one (the regular ones look so funny on the little kids) but the backpack needs to hold a standard size folder for notes home, etc....We get something home almost everyday. Fancy or expensive backpacks seem silly at this age, they aren't bringing home 10lbs of books or anything at 3 years old and by the time next year rolls around, I'm sure my daughter will think Pony's are so last year and want a Barbie backpack or something anyway. I'd rather be out the 5 bucks then. =)


answers from Spokane on

I still have my original "Jansport" backpack from my freshman year of High School, they will always be my favorite!...we always have a need for a backpack at my house...they are just so darned handy, i.e. hiking, sleepovers,etc....and I love LL Bean! Their bags are so sturdy and great...I don't think you can really go wrong with one of them, especially because you have a girl. Girls seem to be less rough on stuff compared to boys. I think it would be totally worth the $...heck she'll probably end up having her first backpack around for many years to come!

Just a reminder: It is so very tempting to take advantage of the monogramming that LL Bean offers but only initials, right? Its not recommend that you put your child's name on their backpacks, strangers can act like they know them...



answers from Wichita on

Any small comfortable backpack is ok. Maybe have a nice pattern or a picture of dora (or any other cartoon character she likes).



answers from Kansas City on

we found our dd a cute one from Target with monkeys and it has lasted more than a year.



answers from Denver on

It's a matter of what your budget will allow. We found a couple along the way - it was more important to me that the kids picked out their own rather than having a specific brand.

This is especially true in preschool. My oldest had a Spiderman pack that he carried through kindergarten that we paid $15 for at Kohls. He wanted a more grown-up one at first grade so we bought him one from REI that was on sale for $35. My youngest carries the same Spidey pack and also carries an Elmo pack he saw at Walmart that was only $8.

I say buy her the more expensive one when she gets into elementary school and has her opinions formed about what she wants to carry.



answers from Honolulu on

LL Bean, YES!
It is good quality and worth the price. If at any time it gets old or ratty looking or broken, they also replace it for you free.

A backpack with wheels is essential... a child should not carry about heavy bags on their backs. They can get back problems too.

My daughter, has had LL Bean backpacks for the past 2 years. It still looks good and new. Her's has the wheels.

The 'cheaper' backpacks with wheels, breaks.

All the best,



answers from Cincinnati on

Walmart ones last one year. Not more. We got it, and tried to make it last two years and it seems to break two months in.
Just got an LLBean bag this year---verdict is still out, but all my friends have given positive reviews.

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