Backpack: The First Years

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First Backpack!

A.R. asks from Seattle

My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten next month (so exciting!) I was wondering if I could get advice from all you mama's out there about what kind of backpack ...


Backpack Dilemma

D.M. asks from Detroit

Ahhhhh! The choices are endless!! What do you all feel about the backpack issue. Most kids I know get a new one every year with the current superhero of choice. Howev...


Backpack Diaper Bag?

K.L. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone have a backpack diaper bag that you really like? I'm looking at the Jujube Back Pack diaper bags. Do you know anything about them? I have one made by "...


Have You Bought a TCP Backpack This Year?

M.D. asks from Corpus Christi

I found super cute backpacks online at The Childrens Place- Great sale going on today. However, after reading the reviews it seems that the quality is not as great a...


Bear Backpack

J.C. asks from San Diego

When I was growing up and until I had a child of my own, I always thought those backpacks that are leashed were cruel punishment, that was until I had my own. We don'...


JFF Does Your Man

J.P. asks from Lakeland

carry a murse? I was looking on-line to get some ideas for gifts for my hubby and I notice that they list a murse first. My husband would NEVER carry something lik...


Backpacks for Kindergarten

T.R. asks from Orlando

So I've been out shopping for a backpack for my DD for kindergarten, and I see two varieties really. One that seems useful and practical (to me) with zippered compart...


Homework Help!!

N.D. asks from Reno

I have a ten year old daughter who is bipolar and ADD, she is very smart! I have been told this by ALL her teachers =} Her test are way above average, and she has rec...



M.B. asks from Orlando

I'm trying to decide which breastpump I want to purchase for my baby due in Feb. So far I like the Avent, or the Tommie Tippie. I had a medula with my son and though ...


Breast Pumps

C.W. asks from Minneapolis

HI to all- i wondering what breast pump you would recomend. i'm not looking to spent a ton of money. i'm a stay at home mom but my baby and i do travel alot to ca (...