Bad Coughing in 2 Year Old

Updated on January 27, 2008
A.K. asks from Grayslake, IL
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My son will be 3 in March and has a sinus infection. He is on an anitbiotic. He has a constant dry cough that keeps him and us up at night. I've tried over the counter stuff and I don't think it's very safe and really hasn't been working. I have tried the Vicks on his feet and chest, and given him honey, tea, and lemon. We have a humidifier in his room. What else can I do? He really wants to sleep.

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what really works well is boiling some water, onions ,and honey to a syrupy conistancy.
There is also a great website .
Good luck M.

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I don't know if your are familiar with "Young Living Oils", but our family uses them, and they are GREAT! You can get them either on line or through a personal distributor (kind of like Mary Kay is sold)
The oil you should try is called "Theives". It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.....and all that anti-germ stuff. It is totally safe and all natural! They also have many other oils for basically every ailment.
The oils are rather expensive (about $30), but they last a very long time, as a dose is only a couple drops!



answers from Elkhart on

One thing that might help, or at least settle the cough is to rub a GOOD layer of fix on your childs feet and then put socks on him. Also if you rub it on the armpits that will help too.
Let us know what you find that works ok!



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I love Delsym. It's a 12 hour cough suppressant.

Also, is it just at night? If it is, and it's barky, it could be croup, or the first signs of it. If it is, you can take him into the bathroom with the hot water in the shower running, and let it fill with steam. It helps a lot. Croup is also relieved by cold air, so taking a child outside can quiet the coughing and wheezing.

If not, definitely try the Delsym. Ask the pharmacist how much to give for his weight. I always gave my kids 1/2 tsp at that age.



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make sure he's elevated. My son is over 2, really bad cough and didn't sleep until we put 3 pillows under his head, steam and tylenol for pain



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You might want to ask the doctor if your son could have asthma. My son had a terrible cough (rough like he had bronchitis all the time except he didn't) at night mostly and Vicks and a humidifier did little to relieve the cough. My son's doctor thought it was asthma and put him on Singulair chewables tablets and had him use an inhaler 2-3 times a day for two weeks. After the two weeks with the inhaler his coughing stopped and still takes the Singulair. He has rarely had to use his inhaler since. Coughing with no other signs of cold is normally how seasonal allergies or asthma presents in young children.

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