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Stress Incontinence

K.W. asks from York

I saw my Gyn. about stress incontinence, I leak when I exercise. She wants to put in a TOT sling, I am very worried about the procedure and wondered if anyone had ex...


Urinary Incontinence

J.D. asks from Washington DC

After years of putting it off and trying keigles and other exercises, I have to have surgery for urinary incontinence from my pregnancy. The doc wants to do the TVT ...


Sling Surgery for Urinary Incontinence

J.C. asks from Chicago

I'm scheduled to have surgery to have a sling put in to help eliminate urinary incontinence that has bothered me since my daughter's birth. I'm wondering if anyone o...


Urinary Incontinence

M.J. asks from Salt Lake City

Does anybody else have a problem with urinary incontinence? If so, do you have any suggestions to help with this problem or a doctor referral in the Salt Lake valley?


Anyone Ever Have a TVT Surgery for Urinary Incontinence?

L.U. asks from Philadelphia

I have severe incontinence since I gave birth a year ago. I am told to see a Urologist and perhaps look into TVT surgery. Has anyone had that? Can you tell me a ho...


TMI.... Incontinence

T.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am sure a little of this has to do with having 4 children. I am having trouble, more lately than ever. My youngest is 8. (havent been recently pregnant) I have ...


Anyone Have Info on the Arc Minisling for Urinary Incontinence?

J.M. asks from Norfolk

Hello fellow moms. I have a 2 month old and had the test done that shows I have bladder incontinence. My ob is recommending the m ini-arc sling but it's only been ...


Prolasped Bladder and Stress Incontinence

L.G. asks from Dallas

This is an embarrasing subject for me, but here goes. Over at least the past 5 yrs I have had a problem with leaking when I would laugh, cough, exercise. I went to a...


Urinary Incontinence During Pregnancy

M.B. asks from Hartford

Hi, I'm 7 months pregnant now and all of a sudden at 6.5 months I started having urinary control problems. I leak all the time now, when I walk, laugh, move at al...


Laughing Stress Incontinence

J.J. asks from Buffalo

Sorry if this is TMI, but my dd is a happy go lucky kid (10), loves to laugh and usually a big belly laugh. The problem is she pees a little and it sometimes shows i...