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H.P. asks from Corpus Christi

I was wondering if anyone has a remedy for advanced PMS (PMDD) I know the Doc can controll it with hormones ie birth controll pills, but my body can't handle the synt...



R.P. asks from Houston

I suffer from PMDD and I dread it every month. I didn't realize this is what was wrong with me until about a year ago. (I thought it was everyone else). 2 weeks ago...


About PMDD or PMS

E.B. asks from Austin

Is anyone familiar with two very specific aspects of either PMDD or PMS? The first aspect I'm interested in is intense all-over itching, without a visible rash. ...


Any Advice on PMDD?

E.R. asks from Philadelphia

Just wondering if anyone has any other advice on PMDD besides anti-depressants.



C.D. asks from Boston

Does anyone have some suggestions for relatively severe PMS? It seems to have gotten worse after kids and as I get older. I'm pretty sure it's not pre-menapause. A...


PMDD And Yaz

M.F. asks from New York

I suffer from SEVERE PMDD. I'd like to hear from anyone in the same situations who have used Yaz OR even natural remedies. I like to know if Yaz helped or caused mor...


Living with PMDD

M.T. asks from San Francisco

I think I have PMDD I'm going for my annual check up in a few weeks and will talk to my doctor about it but was wondering how you live with it? What do you take? I HA...



D.K. asks from Denver

What are good supplements for PMS, natural ones that are safe and proven to relieve, the bloating, crabbiness and all that not so fun stuff? I don't want to take any...



K.M. asks from Detroit

PMS symptoms Okay ladies I’m a 41 ½ year old and beginning to have a really difficult managing my pms symptoms. I work part time I have two children ages 10 & 1...