Wicked Awesome Cough in a 2 Year Old

Updated on October 12, 2011
S.L. asks from Moab, UT
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My son has an awesome cough going on right now. It is kinda a wet cough and he has had it for a couploe days. He had this last year around the same time and it seemd to last forever!

No cough meds suggested by our dr and allergy meds don't do much.

Any home remedies to make him sleep better It seems like every time he lays down it starts up!

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answers from San Diego on

My daughter has had it for over a week. We've been doing lemon juice and honey in the evenings. I also have her propped up on pillows so it drains. Could try a humidifier and/or warm bath with a lot of nose blowing or asperator before bed? May help. Vicks Vapor rub may help with the breathing.

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answers from Seattle on

Hot water with honey and/or lemon can help. It can be tea or just hot water. Chamomile is a nice calming tea.

Take a hot shower/bath before bed.

Both of these will loosen the mucus, letting him cough out a lot more. Hopefully it will then calm down so he can sleep.

If this goes on for more than a week without improvement, please get him tested for pertussis (whooping cough). Make sure you test *before* starting any antibiotics, or the test is invalid. Test even if he is fully vaccinated: the vaccine has a 30% failure rate. Treatment for pertussis is really easy *if you catch it early*. Once you get to the "whooping" stage, treatment doesn't help much.

Hope your kiddo feels better soon.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Has he been checked this time around to ensure it is not pneummonia? My oldest had a similar cough and it was deemed 'superficial' and caused by allergies. My youngest started later and ended up with pneummonia so you never know.

Have you tried giving your son benadryl? When Claritin is not enough I sometimes have to give Benadryl in addition. (They are too different classes of antihistamines.)

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answers from Dallas on

Others have given great advice. I would also suggest that you elevate his mattress a little on the end where he puts his head. I used a towel under the mattress. Benadryl also helped. If it continues, have him checked out again. One of our twins ended up with bronchitis and the other had pneumonia at the same time. There coughs didn't sound bad but just lingered on and on. I had them checked and felt horrible that I hadn't gone in sooner.
Hope he feels better soon!

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answers from Orlando on

Homeopathic cough syrup from Boiron, called Chestal, it works great (Walgreens or CVS). Also, a teaspoon of buckwheat honey is really good too (it always works for my daughter). Buckwheat honey is very dark, and the darker the better for coughs. You'll find it at health food stores. Hope your little guy feels better soon :)

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answers from St. Louis on

My son is 4 and he had a bad cough that turned into Croup a few weeks ago. He still has a lingering cough. I use a cool mist humidifier in his room at night and some Vicks vaporub on his chest. I also keep a glass of water next to his bed at night so he can take a drink during a bad coughing spell. While he still had his Croup, I put him in the shower and let him sit in the steam for about 15 minutes every night as well. It seemed to really open him up.



answers from Lawrence on

Hello, my kids seem to catch anything and everything that goes around. One thing u want to make sure u do is use a nasal aspirator to get all the stuff out of his nose. Using saline spray will help to get more of out his nose. Also baby Vicks will help him with his cough and it is safe for his age. Make sure his head is up a little higher than usual ( I know it's easier said than done.) if u do all this before he goes to bed it will help him so much! Also my oldest son had a cough for three weeks and ( I waited three weeks to make sure it wasn't just a virus) and it turned out he had pneumonia. My oldest son also has asthma and he would cough a lot at night. He didn 't have any other symptoms but a cough, so he ended up on an inhaler and his cough pretty much went away! Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

My son has asthma and gets a non stop cough quite often. Here are some suggestions:
Run a hot shower and keep him in the bathroom while it is steamy;
Vicks (plug in or on chest);
Honey; and/or
Special pillow (one that helps him sleep at an incline).

Hope this helps and hope he gets well soon.



answers from St. Louis on

My daughter who is almost 4, just got Croup last week (didn't have as an infant). You might check w/ the Dr on that - they can't do much except for give a steroid to help open up the airway. Are you using a cold mist humidifier at night in his room? Also, how about some vaporub on his chest and back? Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

Try a Humidifier and Baby Vicks, on the feet that it.. My son is four and has the same problem this time of year with his allergies kicking in. I use Mucinex Cold (which I don't know if a 2yr old can have that or not) but I've also found that if I put baby vicks on his feet and put socks on that he'll sleep much better. As long as his lungs are clear and he isn't short of breath, or wheezing, it's more of an annoyance. Hope this helps.

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