Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy

L.P. asks from Lafayette

Does anyone know if a man has a mild case of cerebral palsy if he can have healthy normal kids?


Seeking Information on Cerebral Palsy

L.M. asks from Cumberland

I would like to meet parents of children with cerebral palsy and who have had preemies. I had my son when I was 29 1/2 wks, and he spent 57 days in the nicu,he is hea...


Wanting Information on Cerebral Palsy

M.J. asks from Denver

Wondering if there are any mothers out there with a child with Cerebral Palsy, and when did you know there something wasn't right with your child? My boy is 7 months...


Seeking Moms with Children Who Have Cerebral Palsy or Hydrocephilus

D.A. asks from Johnson City

would like to meet moms in a similar situation to mine, my five year old son has severe cerebral palsy, hydrocephilus and other problems, from being born premature. I...


Any Have Brain Injured Children? Cerebral Palsy?

C.O. asks from Boston

Hi i was just wondering if any one has a child with severe brain damage caused from a lack of oxygen during delivery or after birth, cerebral palsy, cordical vision i...


Cerebral Palsy

L. asks from Chicago

I have a daughter who was recently diagnosed (by one doctor) with a mild case of CP. She is a 3yr old twin and not currently walking. The doctors and myself know that...


I Have a Daughter with Cerebral Palsy and I Feel Overwhelmed.

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a the most beautiful 13 months old daughter with cerebral palsy. She is my first little blessing and when we first got the news I was floored. She is doing g...


Seeking Advice on Rights to Receive Madicaid for My Son with Cerebral Palsy.

W.R. asks from Grand Rapids

I just received a letter from my case worker stating that my son Jonathan will not have any health coverage beginning Oct. 10th. I am very worried because we can't af...


Advice on 4 Yr Old Son W/ Cerebral Palsy

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

My 4yr old son has cerebral palsy. he was born w/a bleed in his brain. He is unable to use his left hand and he also has partial paralyse on his left leg. He is in a ...


Our 17 Week Old Baby Girl Has Been Diagnosed with MILD Cerebral Palsy (CP).

A.H. asks from Detroit

I am still in shock at this point. My husband and I adopted a baby girl who was 10 week early. She was born at 30 weeks and weighed 2 lbs 11 oz. At the time she was b...