Stomach Virus

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Stomach Bug

K.I. asks from Minneapolis

I'm sure this sounds minor to most, but our 1.5 year old son just came down with a terrible stomach virus. It's his first time vomiting. It's just so sad & scary to s...


Stomach Virus Question

N.R. asks from Macon

My 6 year old came down with the stomach virus late Monday night. She felt terrible all day Tuesday and was feeling better by Wednesday. Thursday night I came down wi...


Stomach Virus or Something Else?

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old daughter has been having severe stomach pain, usually within a a few hours of eating. It gets worse at night and she has woken up the last several nigh...


Stomach Bug vs Flu?

R.D. asks from New York

My four year old is just getting over the stomach bug. Throwing up w no fever and just looks unwell. I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and no just feel so letha...


Son with a Stomach Bug

S.R. asks from Binghamton

Hi everyone...My son is dealing with a stomach bug and has been since Wednesday. I had it, along with my daughter a few weeks ago, and it lasted longer then the usual...


Afraid to Eat After Stomach Bug

H.B. asks from Dallas

My 4 year old son got the stomach bug at school last week. He recovered quickly and was eating well at home, but is now afraid to eat his lunch at school. Yesterday...


Stomach Bug???

A.D. asks from Detroit

Lily (10 weeks old) has a stomach bug. She's not eating as much as normal and out of the blue she'll start to cry. Last night she bf & had a bottle (4 oz) at 9 pm, go...


Is There a Stomach Bug Going Around????

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

So last week I was sick with what I thought was a stomach bug on Tues/Wed. But then went to the doctor on Wed night and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. My heada...


Stomach Virus

T.W. asks from Dallas

My son has this terrible bug going around right now that started Tuesday night. I watched my poor little guy vomit over 15 times! I'm so afraid my daughter is going ...


Is This a Recurring Stomach Virus?

D.B. asks from Dallas

My sister is 28 and has two little boys, aged 2 and 6 months. It seems she gets sick to her stomach and upchucks so often that it couln't be a stomach virus. I don't...